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IDC Frontier Tokyo Fuchu

IDC Frontier
1-9 Nikkōchō
183-0044 Fuchū
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The IDC Frontier Fuchu Data Center, inaugurated in December 2020, represents a significant advancement in the field of data management and technology. Situated in Fuchu City, Tokyo, this facility stands as one of the largest data centers in the region, designed to cater to the burgeoning needs of AI and IoT advancements. It boasts a robust power supply system capable of supporting global hyperscalers, alongside high-quality network lines that ensure reliable and swift data transmission. The data center's strategic location in a Level 1 hazard area as per the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's classification translates to a reduced risk of earthquake damage, further reinforced by its earthquake-resistant construction.

In terms of capacity and services, the Tokyo Fuchu Data Center is equipped to handle a substantial workload with a maximum power receiving capacity of 50 MW and the ability to accommodate approximately 4,000 racks across 25 server rooms. The average effective power per rack is 7 kVA, with specialized services like High Power Housing available for servers requiring higher integration. The data center's network infrastructure is carrier-neutral, facilitating low-latency connections essential for businesses operating in the Asian region. Moreover, the center is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, ensuring top-tier information security for its clientele. The facility also includes an office building with amenities such as meeting rooms and break areas, providing a comfortable workspace for staff and clients alike.

IDC Frontier Tokyo Fuchu Data Center
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IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier

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IDC Frontier Tokyo Fuchu
1-9 Nikkōchō
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