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IDC Frontier Tokyo Ariake

IDC Frontier
3-chōme-7 Ariake
135-0063 Koto
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The Tokyo Ariake Data Center, developed by IDC Frontier, is a state-of-the-art facility located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It boasts a robust architectural structure designed to withstand seismic activities, with a foundation supported by deep-driven piles that anchor it firmly above the bedrock. This design ensures the data center's resilience against earthquakes, a critical feature given Japan's seismic activity. The data center's location is strategically chosen for its low risk of natural disasters, making it an ideal site for businesses seeking a secure and stable environment for their IT systems.

In terms of technical specifications, the Tokyo Ariake Data Center is equipped with a "3-spot network feeding" power supply system, ensuring a highly reliable power source. Each floor is serviced by a UPS with a capacity of 1,000 KVA, and the facility is prepared for emergencies with a gas turbine generator capable of 18 hours of operation. The data center offers EIA-compliant standard 19-inch racks, with options for half or full rack units, and can accommodate custom requests for carried-in racks or cages. Additionally, the center provides a high-speed, stable backbone network, complete security, and amenities such as meeting rooms and break areas, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working environment.

IDC Frontier Tokyo Ariake Data Center
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IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier

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IDC Frontier Tokyo Ariake
3-chōme-7 Ariake
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