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ADA Tokyo West 2

Ada Infrastructure
1-chome-1, Tsutsujigaoka
196-0012 Akishima
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The ADA Infrastructure Tokyo West 2 datacenter represents a pinnacle of modern datacenter design and efficiency. With eight five-story buildings dedicated to IT operations, it stands as a testament to ADA's commitment to innovation and reliability. The campus is designed to be network-rich, offering a carrier-neutral environment that ensures clients have access to a wide range of network services. This connectivity is further enhanced by its proximity to other major hyperscale data centers, creating a hub of technological synergy.

In terms of power and sustainability, Tokyo West 2 is unmatched. It features an N+1 UPS distributed redundant system and an N+1 closed loop air-cooled chiller plant, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and optimal cooling. These facilities are not only robust but also configured for maximum energy efficiency, reflecting ADA's dedication to eco-friendly operations. The datacenter's infrastructure is built to support the future of technology, including high-density AI and machine learning workloads, which demand advanced cooling and power solutions.

ADA Infrastructure's Tokyo West 2 is more than just a datacenter; it's a foundation for the future. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based services and AI, the need for reliable and scalable data infrastructure has never been greater. Tokyo West 2 is poised to meet these demands head-on, offering a secure and resilient environment for enterprises and hyperscalers alike. With its strategic location in one of the world's most vibrant technological landscapes, ADA's Tokyo West 2 datacenter is set to play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of businesses globally.

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Ada Infrastructure

Ada Infrastructure

Data Center Operator at
ADA Tokyo West 2
1-chome-1, Tsutsujigaoka
Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington