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Alon Towers

Unknown Company
Yigal Alon St 94
6744317 Tel Aviv
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The Alon Towers, prominently positioned along the bustling Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, stand as a modern gateway to the city. Completed in 2017, these twin towers are not only a testament to contemporary architecture but also serve a practical purpose with their mixed-use design. The ground floor is dedicated to public commercial use, offering an open and inviting space that seamlessly integrates with the Sderot Yehudit bridge, enhancing the connectivity between the eastern and western parts of the city.

Rising to 47 stories, the Alon Towers' dynamic diagonal facades have become a distinctive feature of Tel Aviv's skyline, visible to over two million commuters daily. The complex boasts 108,000 square meters of space, primarily allocated for office use, reflecting the city's growth as a hub for business and innovation.

The design of the towers prioritizes accessibility and convenience, with a large public square at the base and a six-story parking basement capable of accommodating 2,200 cars. This thoughtful planning ensures that the Alon Towers are not only an architectural landmark but also a functional part of Tel Aviv's urban landscape, contributing to the city's reputation as a center of modernity and progress.

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