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Ilia Hamrah Kish

Ilia Hamrah Kish
No. 5, East Zayande Rood Alley, Pardis St., Molla Sadra Ave., Vanak Sq.
1991934843 Vanak
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Ilia Hamrah Kish was founded in 2013 and began its activity in the same year. Our company mostly operating in Virtual Internet Provider on 3G services, Virtualization and Cloud Computing.
Our company have considerable experience in Iran. Our activity has brought us into contact with a wide range of companies. Any such action would have the objective of cooperating with your company to increase its capacities and to widen its interface with other international companies with most up-to-date knowledge, resources.
We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. And now we have about three thousand customers for our 3G services. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We have excellent staffs in Data Center, Switching & Routing, Service Providing, Security, VoIP, Virtualization and Clouding techniques and also business and marketing for sale.
We have a lot of customers, business agents and representatives so we know about Iran’s marketing network and we can have good advertisement in this market.
In order to have better view about our company we add some information about our abilities:
- Company’s building has 1200 meters squared space.
- Data center’s devices in layers 2, 3, and 4 are CISCO (LAN and WAN).
- HP and SuperMicro servers.
- SAN with 140 Terabyte capacity.
- Wireless devices are Mikrotik (Antenna, Routers, Switches).
- E1 line for VoIP.
- Dedicated Fiber Optic wan media for Intranet.

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Ilia Hamrah Kish

Data Center Operator at
Ilia Hamrah Kish
No. 5, East Zayande Rood Alley, Pardis St., Molla Sadra Ave., Vanak Sq.
Headquartered in Tehran, Tehran