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Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
Unique Industrial Estate, Off VS Marg
400025 Mumbai
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Web Werks offers Data Centers at multiple locations in india. Each of these Data Centers meets the highest requirements in terms of security, availability and energy efficiency. From move-in-ready to custom-built, we provide solutions that suit your business requirements. The facilities are designed to be a carrier-neutral hub with access to all the major Service Providers (ISPs), Telcos, and Internet Exchanges (IXs).

Mumbai Data Center is one of the multiple data center locations offered by Web Werks with the best features to keep you connected. Our state of the art datacenter meets stringent requirements and exceeds performance levels for security, efficiency, and accessibility. Web Werks underlines its 'Truly Neutral' carrier, content and cloud interconnect ecosystem with over 160 Internet Service Provider (ISP) Networks and three Internet Exchanges available with direct connectivity to NIXI.

We offer over 50,000 square ft. of floor space, 800 racks, and an SAP-certified infrastructure, and many more features. We are proud to be the best Indian data center offering cutting edge solutions for all of your connectivity needs.

Building Specifications
. Dedicated Data Center space, 50,000 sq. ft. floor space
. 800 Racks
. SAP Certified Infrastructure
. Power 2MW scalable to 4MW
. Connectivity to all major TELCOS/ Carriers, 160+ ISPs
. Hosts 3 Internet Exchanges (IXs)
. Direct connectivity with National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
. Business Continuity seats
. Double Bed Load Capacity approximately 1250 Kg/m2

. Carrier Neutral Network
. Connected to Multiple Internet Exchanges Including DE-CIX, Extreme-IX, Extreme-IX, NIXI - Bandwidth from all Major Service Providers
. Telcos connect on Resilient fiber for cross connect
. Interconnected data centers on GRE Tunnels
. Bandwidth from all Major Service Providers
. Hosting CDN Edge Servers in India, Dubai & USA

. UPS - With N+N Redundancy
. N+1 - Redundant Electrical Design & Distribution
. N+2 - Dual Diesel Generators
. Automated - Switch from Primary to Back-up Sources
. PDUs - Dual Power feed sources to each Rack
. Power - Received from Multiple Sub-stations

Web Werks IDC Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Web Werks IDC, or other data centers in Mumbai or by Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd., please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
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Web Werks IDC
Unique Industrial Estate, Off VS Marg
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