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Web Werks IDC is located in the area Mumbai, India, and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 13-02-2009.

Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.
Unique Industrial Estate, Off VS Marg
400025 Mumbai

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owned and operated by Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd..
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Established in 1996, it has a client base of more than 50,000 customers spread across the world, and caters to the needs of large to small businesses and industrial groups. Web Werks is product-oriented Internet company that provides a turnkey menu for Business on the Net. Web Werks has the innovative answers to your toughest web challenges and spearhead in cutting-edge technology that is guaranteed to give your business a competitive advantage, improve your bottom-line and create lasting value. Web Werks accords high priority to compliance with recognized international standards and in addition to its status as an ISO 9001:2000 company.

24X7 NOC
Web Werjs understands that support is a critical offering needed to ensure success in today's networked environment. Our Network Operations Center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and comprises of support staff, call analysts and senior technical staff. Our dedicated team monitors all critical parameters related to the performance of the network and the servers being hosted.

At the Web Werks datacenter, we have redundant bandwidth connections of 155mbps to the Internet via fiber optic cable systems and comprehensive peering arrangements with other industry players to ensure maximum uptime, scalability and availability.

The Datacenter's Redundant Power Management System provides the data center with clean and conditioned power. The Power Management System consists of N + N world-class Merlin Gerin UPS Modules with automatic static bypass / manually operated full-maintenance bypass circuits at each rack level. This configuration provides redundancy in electrical distribution upto the rack level, ensuring uninterrupted power 24/7/365 days

Precision Cooling
Our Web Werks Data Centers are built on raised floors and have high-volume, zoned temperature control systems to ensure ventilation. We have invested in multiple Tata Liebert Precision air conditioning units, with N+1 redundancy to ensure that optimal temperature is maintained even in the event of a single machine failure. The cooling load is designed so that any unit of cooling capacity could be lost without causing degradation of the Internet Data Center environment.

The HVAC units are powered by both normal and emergency electrical systems.

Physical Security
We have put in place comprehensive measures to ensure physical security at all our locations. Including:

Security Personnel
Trained security guards ensure security at the Facility 24*7*365. They provide onsite incidence management. They respond to any alarm generated by any security system and/or fire system.

Access Control
In addition to the presence of the security guards, the entries and exits of the facility are fitted with access control devices. The main entrance is protected by a biometric access device, which maps & verifies the bone structure of a person's hand. The facility has a Mantrap designed to ensure that no unwarranted entry / exit can be made to / from the facility. All areas are protected with Proximity card readers, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed in.

Video Camera surveillance
Our facility is monitored using video cameras- the images from which are continually scanned by our Security Guards. We also maintain a two-year videotape record in the event of unprecedented mishaps.

Infrared Motion Detect Sensors
Infrared devices are fitted at strategic locations, all around the perimeter of the building for detecting any suspicious movements

Fire Safety
Protection from fire being a critical concern we at Web Werks have invested in state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems comprising the Air-Sense High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors (HSSD), FM-200 based gas suppression systems and cross-zoned analog addressable detector systems. This ensures early detection and auto-suppression of fire, preventing any damage to equipment.

Proven Processes
At the Web Werks Datacenter, we give immense importance to fire training of our employees. We have defined processes to ensure effective use of systems in the unlikely event of a fire. The processes include fire drills, fire training to each employee, escalation of warning signals to appropriate persons and regular system checks to ensure effective functioning in the unfortunate event of a fire.

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At Web Werks, we have redundant bandwidth connections to the Internet via fiber optic cable systems and comprehensive peering arrangements with other industry players to ensure maximum uptime, scalability and availability.

Local Area Network
Web Werks proactively increases connectivity both domestically and internationally, either through comprehensive peering agreements or bandwidth acquisition.

Local Loop connectivity is established through state of the art SDH standards based optical MUXs. This connectivity, initially at STM-1 speed (155 mbps) is between the exchange and the Web Werks facility. Diversity in fiber connectivity is achieved through a direct connection and a redundant fibre connection to the exchange.

The TTMP RSU, adjacent to the Web Werks facility, augments existing infrastructure. This RSU with SDH ring connectivity adds to the stability, capacity and reliability of Web Werks WAN / Internet connectivity.

We are also in talk with other local loop providers in order to enhance reliability and ensure 100% service provider redundancy.

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