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Servernet Services P Ltd

Servernet Services P Ltd
73, Second Floor, First Main Road, Nehru Nagar, Near OMR, Kottivakkam
600041 Chennai
Tamilnadu, India
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Servernet is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support the client in achieving its goals for improving customer satisfaction by providing reliable and high bandwidth servers and maintaining the data security.

The Objective

• To carry on the business of providing comprehensive Web Hosting Solutions on Windows and Linux platforms. We provide Customized Web Hosting solutions with Excellent 24/7 four way (Email, chat, phone and Remote) Support to our Customers.
• To Provide Customized Corporate Mailing solutions, Inter Mail Server and Proxy Server and Integrating Email with Software Applications, Corporate Email solutions on Linux and Windows Platforms. We provide the mail servers like Zimbra, Qmail, Exim, Send Mail and MAILENABLE.
• Customers rely on their information systems to run their operations necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations. In order to minimize any chance of disruption and Information security is also a concern, and for this reason our data center offers a secure environment which minimizes the chances of a security breach.
• Dedicated Servers with Co-location, Storage platform, Database services, Virtual Hosting, Application Hosting Solutions, Corporate Mailing Solutions, domain registration.
• We provide wide-ranging dedicated and co-location servers in India host on Windows and Linux platforms (environment DC as power, A/C, fire protection etc, storage tape library)
• We have kept high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. This is accomplished through redundancy of both fiber optic cables and power, which includes emergency backup power generation.

Our Services


Co-loation in our facilities provides you with the peace of mind that you trust your hardware to a state of the art, secure, temperature controlled environment. You can still manage your systems but take advantage of protection from power failures controlled temperature and high speed Internet access. Security is high but access can be granted so you can have 24 hour physical access to your kit if necessary, with no charge for access during working hours. This gives you the freedom to perform upgrades at times that suit your business.
Worried about your equipment not being on site? Don’t worry as we can provide remote hands 24/7/365 when the unexpected happens. Our Highly resilient network comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee ensuring that your services are always available. You can take advantage of our buying power and have your equipment in world class facilities for a very low price.
Server Net has colocation options at several locations to suit your requirements. If you just want to host a few servers look at our ServerColocation options or if you are looking for a full rack or suite of racks take a look at our Rack Space options. Today’s business computing requirements bring with them high demands for power and cooling. All our colocation packages are based on a power usage model.
Our data centre suites have very high levels of physical and network security with fire detection, protection from power failures and 24/7 security surveillance. Further adding to the above mentioned features, your equipment will be accessible via our best of breed Internet Backbone network, guaranteeing you plenty of bandwidth when you need it.

Cloud Server

Virtualising your hardware has never been easier. Cloud Servers are completely separate individual servers running on a physical server all sharing the resources of that server.
You can safely run a different operating system on each virtual server and choose different levels of RAM or hard drive for each virtual server/ Cloud hosting platform. Each virtual server is allocated its own computing resources and additional capacity is always built into the physical or host server.
A thin layer of software, called a Hyper-Visor, is installed on the host server. This software allows the user to create virtual servers (virtual server hosting) and allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently so that multiple operating systems can run concurrently on a single server.
Each cloud server has access to a dedicated amount of RAM and hard disk together with a virtual NIC (Network Interface Card). It also has access to an allocated amount of CPU resource to ensure continued performance. Server Space offers a range of cloud server packages running on our world class infrastructure.

Storage and Backup

Data on your on-site servers is vulnerable to a wide range of threats. Power failure, fire, flood, hardware failures and software faults all possess the potential to take your data and your business off-line.
With the Server Net Online Backup Service your data is protected from all these threats while leaving you with the flexibility of maintaining the primary servers at your own site. The Online Backup Service gives you peace of mind that your business critical data and applications are regularly backed up and accessible, from anywhere, in the event of a problem.
The Server Net Online Backup Service is simple to setup and automatically backs up your data via a secure internet connection. Our data centres are all tier 3. Each one has managed power, climate control and security so you can be sure that your data is safe, no matter what happens to your on-site servers.

Database Services
Through our dedicated server we provide database services that process database queries. Servernet Services provide ample solutions for database servers. We support MY SQL, MS SQL etc.

Virtual Hosting

Servernet Services provides comprehensive Web Hosting Solutions on Windows and Linux platforms. We provide customized Web Hosting solutions with dedicated 24/7 4 way (Email, Chat, Phone and Remote) support to our clients.

Corporate Mailing Solutions

Servernet Services provides customized Corporate Mailing, Inter Mail Server and Proxy Server solutions. We provide solutions on Integrating Email with Software Applications and Corporate Email solutions on Linux and Windows Platforms. We provide the mail servers like Zimbra, Qmail, Exim, Send Mail and MAILENABLE.

Domain Registration

Servernet Services registers domain name for individuals and corporate under all type of Extensions (.com, .in,

IT Infrastructure Management (Direct & Remote)

Servernet Services provides complete daily IT operations and management of Infrastructure through direct and remote. Servernet Services dedicates a resource, either a System Administrator or IT Manager (seven days as per client working hours) and remote support team (24/7) to manage IT Infrastructure of the client on a retainer model. One or more shared resource would engage with the client based on requirement from time to time. The overall engagement is monitored by an IT Consultant.

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Servernet Services P Ltd, other data centers in Chennai or operated by Servernet Services P Ltd, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Servernet Services P Ltd

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Servernet Services P Ltd
73, Second Floor, First Main Road, Nehru Nagar, Near OMR, Kottivakkam
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