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Skulagata 19
101 Reykjavik
IS, Iceland
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DataCell is operated by IceCell ehf, a leading telecommunications operator of Iceland. We run multiple datacenters in Iceland and in Switzerland. We can serve your data needs with 100% green energy (hydro and geothermal energy. Zero CO2 pollution) at very economical cost. We keep your data and equipment safe and cool.

DataCell is a privately owned Icelandic company under Swiss / Icelandic control. DataCell's management team includes two internet pioneers who both have started internet providers in the early 90's in Switzerland and Iceland who became one of the biggest internet providers of the country. DataCell's aim is to bring the best solutions to maintain your data online and as disaster recovery site. Its unique locations in Iceland and Switzerland permit to tap into vast resources of connectivity, power and cooling.

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Data Center Operator at
Skulagata 19
Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland