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Kozma DC

Invitel Telecommunication Inc.
Kozma u. 2.
1108 Budapest
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• Address: 1108 Budapest, Kozma u. 2.
• Full size of machine room: 1,500 m²
• False floor load bearing capacity: point-like; 50 kN/m²
• Machine room’s full height to ceiling, available for equipment installations: 3.7 metres
• Fire rating: 60 minutes
• Redundancy of power supply and building machinery (HVAC) systems: at least N + 1
• Availability of the power supply and air conditioning services: 99.999%
Telecomm. connections
• Two-side, independent optical links and microwave connection to Invitel’s infrastructure
• Additional optical fibres to connect customers via optical connections
• Direct connections to the major Internet nodes (e.g. Invitel’s DataCenter in Ilka Street, BIX, Infopark, Dataplex, etc.)
• A radio connection can also be provided to the DataCenter
• 3x10Gbps redundant connection to Invitel’s other sites
Power Supply and Cooling
• Availability of the power and air conditioning services: 99.999%
• 3 medium voltage power supply lines, each 1600 kVA/10kV (2 operating, 1 standby)
• In 2 diesel groups, 2+2 1400-kVA “Cummins Power Generation” type generators in tandem mode
• Under full load, the system can cover a power outage of 72 hours
• 2N UPS systems, in a “3+1” configuration on either side, performance being 1650 kVA + 550 kVA, to ensure uninterrupted power supply between the loss of power and the run-up time of generators
• Under full load, the system can cover a power outage of 30 minutes
• In the machine rooms, A + B independent UPSs
• 1600 kW cooling performance, with a 2N redundancy
• Power saving cooling solutions (a combination of free cooling condensers and compact liquid chillers)
• 40 indoor computer air conditioners, each with a capacity of 50 kW, c/w humidity maintenance, in an N+2 number per machine room
• Air handling units to supply fresh, dust-free, heated/cooled air to the building
• 24/7 security service
• Closed-chain IP video monitoring and recording system in the whole outdoor facility area, as well as in interior spaces
• Continuously monitored pass and intrusion detection system
• Continuously monitored building supervision system
• Machine rooms protected against conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances (EMC)
• Early warning smoke detection system with aspiration-based and optical detectors
• Delay between fire detection and start of extinguishing : 30 seconds
• Extinguishing system: with FM-200 (HFC-227ea) extinguishing gas

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Invitel Telecommunication Inc.
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