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ratiokontakt GmbH

ratiokontakt GmbH
Lina-Ammon-Str. 22
90471 Nürnberg
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Modern fire-extinguishing System:
The best possible safety feature of the data center against fire is ensured by a modern fire-suppression system based on the natural gas Inergen. Inergen is a non-toxic gas that removes enough oxygen from the air, yet still allows people to breath easy when the gas is released. As an additional safeguard, a fire-detection system with a direct connection to an emergency call center is in place. Through this combination of measures, ratiokontakt GmbH achieves the highest safety standard of assets and people.

Highly available internet connection:
The internet connection of ratiokontakt's data center functions via four independent fiber-optic cables with multiple redundancies. Highest availability is guaranteed by the connections via Lambdanet, Euroings and various public peerings, such as Freenet, NetCologne, Kamp, QSC and Telia, enabling the data center to have an effective bandwidth of several gigabits.

Highest security level:
Multiple mechanical and electronic safety measures prevent unauthorized trespassing to the data center. An electronic locking system with security keys logs every access to the center and the keys are used for automatic entrance to the system. Unauthorized keys can be blocked immediately. Furthermore, permanently locked server-racks, as well as a highly sensitive alarm system with automatic notification of a well-reputed security company, ensure the highest possible security.

Power back-up:
The data center's power supply is also ensured in cases of emergency. Besides an uninterruptible power supply, an emergency power generator that runs on Diesel fuel exists in order to address all potential power failure scenarios.

Optimal climate control:
ratiokontakt's data center offers optimal conditions for the uninterrupted operation of computer systems. All server rooms are air-conditioned by redundant A/C systems at a consistent 21.5 Degrees Celsius. The rooms are aerated directly beneath the server racks. This is achieved through raised floors under the entire area, which is also beneficial for complex wiring.

Own hardware routing:
Hardware routing is achieved by Cisco Systems (AS8741) which provides effective service at all times. The system load is continuously monitored. If needed, ratiokontakt can proactively increase the capacity within seconds.

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ratiokontakt GmbH

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ratiokontakt GmbH
Lina-Ammon-Str. 22
Headquartered in Hallstadt, Germany