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EMC Home of Data GmbH

EMC Home of Data GmbH
Elisabeth Selbert Str.7
80939 Munich
Bayern, Germany
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Key features of a high-security data center

Power supply (2N+1)
Redundant, uninterrupted power source
Electricity meter for each fuse possible
Protection per rack: max. 6 x 16 A with trigger characteristic “B”
Continuous load per rack: 3.6 or 9 kW
Emergency power supplied by backup power system (2,500 kW)
10kV connectivity over lines with fault monitoring
Three transformers and three generators
Continuous TN-S 3+N in-house cabling
Completely CO2-neutral through 100% renewable energy (T´V-certified)

Environmental controls (2N)
Excellent building insulation, no windows
Fully redundant climate system with leakage monitoring
Special HD climate concept for high performance in air-conditioned rack
High energy efficiency through separate temperature and humidity systems

Data connection
Carrier-neutral computing center, high reliability
Two geographical positions for building lead-ins
Two carrier rooms
Seven carriers route their datalines into the building
Structured data line routing over meet-me racks

3.300 m´ (net) data center space established, final extension: 7,000 m´
Raised floor: 100 cm, surface load 1,000 - 2,000 kg/m´
Custom layout of data rooms as privat data center (PDC)
Cages with and without visibility protection
External air conditioning system (2.500 kW) inaccessible on the roof (30 m high)

Turnstile and highly modern, biometric access control system. Complete access control protocol.
Permanent room monitoring via video cameras and motion detectors
Smoke detectors (VESDA) and fire alarm system with direct line to fire de-partment. Gaseous and N2 fire extinguishing system
ISO 27001-certified

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in EMC Home of Data GmbH, other data centers in Munich or operated by EMC Home of Data GmbH, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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EMC Home of Data GmbH

EMC Home of Data GmbH

EMC Home of Data GmbH

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EMC Home of Data GmbH
Elisabeth Selbert Str.7
Headquartered in Munich, Germany