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Kyberio Data Center

Am Mittelfelde 29
30519 Hannover
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Our highly reliable data center concept:
Hostway Deutschland operates one of the largest and safest data centers in Europe with approximately 5000m´ of footprint. It is certificated under ISO 27001 BSI.
The most important fire prevention compartments are seperated into two buildings which are both situated within approximately 70m and linked to one another with net- and cable funnels subterraneously.The sections of the buildings are completely autonomous and provided with redundancy.
Among our four emergency standby power systems, the main building segments are additionally attached to two diverse transformer stations, using our network ring.

The lightning-, fire- and sabotage security concept is dimensioned for guaranteeing high availability, even if an entire segment of a building fails or malfunctions.
Therefore, our infrastructure can provide redundancy, even if incidents, such as fire, airplane crashes or bomb attacks occur.

The Hostway-Implementations, such as our Cloud-Infrastructure HEP VMware, optionally Active-Active combined with Loadbalancing or Active-Passive with Failover operation using separate fire compartments, are designed to overcome a distance of over 70m. Also our private cloud systems can be provided with dedicated connections to use separate fire compartments.
We can provide solutions involving a total of 4 separate footprints from two fire compartments with cross-connected power and network supply.

As per 2012, we are able to provide the highest security standard of Tier 4 (Tier IV) on application level. We also provide data center space according to Tier 2 (Tier II) and Tier 3 (Tier III) standards, as needed.

Our great advantage compared to common failover scenarios involving two or more data center location is the availability of professional staff on site to guarantee a fast deescalation process. Thereby a more risky and error-prone deescalation via phone, remote hands, or third-party technical support companies can be avoided.

We can also offer you solutions involving other international Hostway data center.

Physical And Operational Security:
The data center is staffed around the clock: 24/7/365 days.
All employees in Germany are working directly at the data center in Hannover and are able to reach all colocation areas and the fire compartments within the timeframe of less than two minutes. Professionals of all relevant systems are in attendance: 24/7/365 days.

Access will only be granted centrally and after a personal authentication.
Access controls within our buildings happens eletronically and all segments of the buildings are alarm secured.
All alerts are reported, both, to staff on site, as well as an external security company.

The business park is accessible outside main business hours (between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m.) only after authentication via an intercom system. All access areas, the building shell, and the compound are under video surveillance.

Racks are available on open footprint areas, as well as inside grid cages and suites.
Optionally, a special entry of your colocation area in the land register of Hannover can be granted.


Hostway Deutschland guarantees a network infrastructure availability of at least 99,99%.

To reach such a high availability all critical components are kept redundant. SLAs with manufacturers of critical network appliances and carriers ensure a timely response time for repair and replacement to make sure, that the redundancy is restored as soon as possible and risk is kept at a minimal level.

Components from different manufacturers are deployed in the core backbone area to eliminate the risk of manufacture specific software or firmware bugs, that could have a detrimental effect on the network, if only components from just one manufacturer would be used.

The entire network infrastructure is completely redundant. Hostway works with several IP upstream providers, which supply data center through separate physical entrance points. Our external connectivity is realized by using multiple separate physical fiber networks from different carriers. The routings of the optical wave guides (OWG) are completely track-disjunctive and enter the building through separate house lead-ins. The traffic routing takes place through different media, except for the last few meters.

As a member of RIPE, we are able to operate our own autonomous system, therefore the data center is multi-homed, hence it is independent from third-party network providers.

Our data centers are currently connected to several upstream-partners via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), e.g. LambdaNet, Level3, Kabel Deutschland, DTAG, Colt, HTP and Gasline. Furthermore, we have our own fiber ring connected to the DeCIX in Frankfurt a.M. (central data exchange point for Germany and one of the largest in Europe), where we perform direct data exchange (direct peering) with over 200 major international carriers. Our current backbone capacity is 43 gbps.

The Hostway Deutschland data center is carrier neutral and we can provide support to get your infra structure connected to carriers of your choice. We also offer dedicated optical fiber and leased line connections.

Hostway Deutschland offers dedicated hardware, such as switching- and network equipment (firewalling, and load balancing appliances, managed switches and server systems). The hardware is offered with the hardware support and service level of your choice, to make sure that it complies to your specific requirements for availability and replacement options. Hostway Deutschland directly handles the hardware support with the manufacturer for the customer.


Reliable network and security technologies

(Firewalling, hacker protection, intrusion detection and intrusion protection)

The data center operation is focussed on IT-relevant aspects of security and services. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the latest technology of the infrastructure and the specialized personnel and can offer appropriate service levels.

multiple redundancy of our data centers
connected with the maximum amount of bandwidth with various high end carriers
the data centers in Hannover are located directly on the all-German 12-GBit/s backbone ring
several physically separated data centers
each data center is provided with their own redundant power supply
high available security concepts, with the involvement of separated fire compartments and infrastructure zones!

Fire Compartment
The safety-relevant building segments are equipped with a fire warning system (VESDA), which stand in two-line dependancy.
The fire is extinguished through nigrogen (N2) flooding into the false floor. The local fire department alert is triggered at the same time.

Power Supply
The entire infrastructure of our data center is completely redundant and provided from two different substations (Hannover Mittelfeld and Hannover W´lfel) in a ring operation.
The power supply of the data center is ensued by six medium-voltage transformers of 1000kVA each. The transformers are redundant.

The secondary coverage of the power supply is ensued by four emergency generators. Emergency standby systems (ESS) guarantee a 48 hour continuous operation. We have 24/7/365 delivery contracts with suppliers that ensure the timely fueling of the Diesel generators within that timeframe.

All diesel tanks are located outside the building and can be fueled externally.

Air Conditioning And Green IT

Cooling takes place within all of the four fire compartments and is autonomous as well as redundant.
The Air Conditioning Technology is installed on the roof and is tamper-proof.

Since 2008 Hostway Deutschland has been taking up the idea of Green IT. It's been heating its own office space as well as that of the surrounding businesses with the heat produced from the servers in the datacenter. A customized heat recuperator is employed. The air conditioner is operated with free cooling during the cooler months of the year, when the outside temperature is low enough.

Kyberio Data Center - Hostway Datacenter AM29
Kyberio Data Center - Colocation II
Kyberio Data Center - Fire protection
Kyberio Data Center - Colocation
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Hostway Datacenter
Company: Hostway Deutschland GmbH
In January 2024, Hostway Deutschland GmbH rebranded to Kyberio GmbH.
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