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CloudHQ FRA Campus Hochst

Industripark Höchst, South End
65929 Frankfurt
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This is a Campus listing, that covers multiple data centers. Click below for further details:
Data CenterOperated ByDetails
CloudHQ FRA3CloudHQ
CloudHQ FRA5CloudHQ
CloudHQ FRA4CloudHQ
CloudHQ FRA6CloudHQ
The second CloudHQ FRA Campus, located in the Hochst Industrial Park on the west-side of Frankfurt.

The campus will house a total of four data centers:
- FRA3: 96 MW critical power + 599,334 square feet / 55,679 square meters
- FRA4: 60 MW critical power (reserved - build to suit)
- FRA5: 60 MW critical power (reserved - build to suit)
- FRA6: 60 MW critical power (reserved)

CloudHQ FRA Campus Hochst Pricing
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Data Center Operator at
CloudHQ FRA Campus Hochst
Industripark Höchst, South End
Headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia