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BT Data Center Frankfurt-Sossenheim

BT Services (British Telecom)
Leonhard-Heißwolf-Straße 4
65936 Frankfurt am Main
Hessen, Germany
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Facts and Figures

• Frankfurt-Sossenheim Industrial Park with easy
access to motorways A 5, A 66 and A 648
• Public transport (urban railway / bus) within walking
• Just 8 km from downtown Frankfurt
• 14 km from Frankfurt airport

• Circa 12,300 sqm including parking lot
(outside the security fence)
• Reinforced concrete structure, consisting of
basement, ground floor and four upper floors
• All-encompassing ground mat and class
1 lightning protection
• Passenger and freight elevator
• Office spaces with meeting room and staging room
• Net rackspace of about 5,000 sqm
• Two carrier rooms, logistics and secured storage
spaces in the basement

Physical security
• Perimeter protected by fence system with turnstile,
barriers and roller gates
• Camera surveillance with motion detectors
outside and inside the building
• Access control system with sabotage and emergency
opening surveillance
• Multi-level zone concept with secured access ways
and access to the racks via electronic access cards
and PIN codes
• On-site guard and connection to a 24/7 security
control centre
• 24/7 access for authorized customer agents after
prior registration by telephone

• About 1,000 sqm in two fire protection zones in the
ground floor and in each upper floor
• Clear room height of 3.0 m
• 80 cm high raised floor for power, cold air and cold
water supply
• 1,500 kg bearing load per sqm (2,000 kg per
sqm of maximum floor loading for transports)

External power supply
• Connection to the public power grid via two
separate lines and building lead-ins
• Initial stage with 100 % redundancy at medium
voltage ring of the local electricity supplier (20 kV)
• In 2013, connection at high voltage level
with 100 % redundancy from two different
transformer stations (110 kV)
• Inside the building, two networks (A+B) for the
supply of rackspace as well as security- and supplyrelevant
systems, each designed for full load (N+N)

Emergency supply systems
• Upstream UPS system for protection against power
fluctuations or outages
• Battery capacity per UPS system at full load of
at least 15 minutes
• Redundant N+1 UPS systems and diesel generators
for rackspace and supply-relevant systems
per supply path (A+B)
• 5 x 400 kVA AC-UPS system per network (A+B) per
floor for the supply of the IT
• 60 kW DC-UPS system per network (A+B) per
floor for the supply of the IT
• Self-sufficient 200 kVA UPS system per network
(A+B) per floor for the CRAC units (Computer Room
Air Conditioning)
• 3,000 kVA emergency supply systems (UPS / diesel
aggregates) per network (A+B) per floor
• Two 80,000 l underground diesel tanks for 72 h
continuous operation at full load, with integrated
refuelling management

Power supply of the racks
• Maximum capacity of 1,500 kW of the IT load
per floor (ground floor and upper floors)
• Power supply via bus bar system in the raised floor
• Dual feed power supply per rack via two selfsufficient,
fully redundant power supply paths (A+B)
• 400 V three-phase current (3 x 16 A or 3 x 32 A)
per feed, Rack PDU with 230 V AC C13 ports
• -48 V DC supply available as an option
• Power measurement, monitoring and reporting
(per feed/rack)
• Standard includes power capacity of up to 7 kW
per rack, more upon request
• Rackspace climate complies with ASHRAE
• Consistent cold/hot aisle concept with contained
cold aisle
• Average cold aisle temperature of 22 °C with a
tolerance of +/- 2 K (Kelvin)
• Continuous increase of the cold aisle temperature for
reasons of efficiency to 25 °C +/- 2 K in order to make
use of the passive cooling operation up to an outside
temperature of 22 °C
• Relative humidity of 50 % +/- 20 %
(absolute between 5.5 and 11.5 g/kg)
• Two separate cold water pipe networks connecting
the CRAC units in the physically separated CRAC cages
per floor to the chilled water aggregates
in the basement and the adiabatic hybrid coolers on
the building roof (passive cooling)
• Pressure- and temperature-controlled operation of
the CRAC units (N+1 per fire zone)
• Per floor 16 CRAC units with a cooling capacity
of 145 kW each
• Basin design under cold water supply pipelines in
the rackspace with leakage monitoring system (pipe
routing outside area of rack installation)
• For each floor with rackspace 2 x 1,600 kW chilled
water aggregates in the basement
• For each floor with rackspace 4 x 720 kW
re-cooling capacity on the building roof
Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing equipment
• High-sensitivity smoke detection system
• Surveillance and alarm system
• Automatic inert gas extinguishing system
• Portable fire extinguishers

• High quality grounded racks with 19” frames
• Width: 80 cm; depth: 120 cm; height: 220 cm (46 U)
• Airflow horizontally from front to back
(cold/hot aisle concept)
• Rack doors with transponder locks for electronic
access cards at the front and back of each rack
• One-third racks (13 U) with protected cable
conduits and transponder-secured one-third doors at
the front and back are also available

• The complete data cabling is mounted from above.
• Structured pre-cabling from the carrier rooms in the
basement across all floors and fire zones
• All racks are accessed via cable trays at 5 levels.
• Additional cable trays for rack-to-rack optical fibre
patch cabling in the Telehousing areas
• Pre-cabling of all Telehousing racks with 12 ports
copper RJ45 (Cat 6a) and 6 ports optical fibre LC
(multimode, quality class OM3)
• Shared blade server and shared storage systems
in the Managed Hosting areas are pre-cabled via
top-of-rack switches for ensuring prompt service

Network connectivity
• Two carrier rooms with separate building lead-ins for
BT and further carriers in the basement
• Redundant connection to the BT City Fibre Network
(CFN) in Frankfurt via two separate lines
• CFN connection with fibre cabling of approx.
14 km to the BT Data Centre Frankfurt-Bonames for
synchronous mirroring (active-active configuration)
• Full availability of the product portfolio of BT Connect
(MPLS, Ethernet, Internet Access, etc.) and BT One
(Voice and Unified Communications Services, SIP
Trunking, etc.)
• Optional installation of antennae with a maximum
height of 10 m and a maximum diameter of 120 cm
(GPS, satellite, radio relay, etc.)

• ISO 9001 International Quality Management
• ISO 20000 International Quality Standard for
IT Service Management according to the ITILv3 Best
Practice Recommendations
• ISO 27001 International Security Standard

Sustainability and Green IT
• Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3
• Passive cooling up to an outside temperature of 22 °C
• Up to an outside temperature of 16 °C only
re-cooling without chilled water aggregates
• Use of rainwater for re-cooling
• UPS and cooling systems with high efficiency
also at partial load
• Consistent cold aisle containment
• Latest shared server and shared storage
hardware with high degree of virtualisation
High density rackspace Storage and backup system

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