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Vantage BER1 - Building 2

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Uferring 7
14974 Ludwigsfelde
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The Vantage Data Center in Berlin, Germany, represents a significant hub for technological advancement and connectivity. Situated on a 25-acre campus within Brandenburg Park, ensuring easy access to the region's infrastructure. The campus is designed to house four state-of-the-art multi-story data centers, encompassing a total of 474,000 square feet (44,000 square meters) once fully developed. It boasts a substantial 56MW of critical IT load capacity, with an average density of 300W/SF (3.23kW/M²), catering to the high demands of modern IT operations.

In terms of power and sustainability, the Berlin I Data Center Campus is equipped with an N+1 redundancy system and an on-campus substation, supported by the E.DIS Group, the region's leading energy provider. This setup ensures maximum efficiency and reliability, which is crucial for maintaining customer uptime. The electrical configuration is robust, featuring multiple diverse power feeds and a 480V electrical setup, all of which are 100% concurrently maintainable.

Connectivity and security are also paramount at the Berlin I campus. The data center provides excellent connectivity options, with two major airports nearby and a third soon to be operational, all within a half-hour drive. The security measures are stringent, with rigid enforcement to guarantee the safety and integrity of the data housed within. Additionally, the campus offers a range of amenities to ensure the comfort and productivity of staff, all backed by Vantage Data Centers' commitment to operational excellence across its global locations.

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Vantage Data Centers

Vantage Data Centers

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Vantage BER1 - Building 2
Uferring 7
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