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This data center listing is no longer active. The data center may have been closed, sold off, may be fully leased and not accepting new customers or may have been converted for other purposes.

HITS Datacenter

Etix Everywhere
2 impasse Joséphine Baker
44800 Saint-Herblain
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We host the unit in the bay private room and our local computer offer access to multiple operators very high speeds, security 24/24, electrical systems and redundant air conditioning, video surveillance of your spaces ... Tell us about your needs, we will arrange the solution.

Electrical systems and air uninterrupted and redundant
A detection system and improved fire extinguishing
Operation, supervision and maintenance 24/24, 7 / 7 facilities and technical equipment
False raised floors capable of bearing loads on the ground very important
Large-ceiling heights
A video surveillance site and your hosting space
Security and traceability of access optimal
A green IT infrastructure in a building HQE
A wide range of telecom and IT service providers

HITS Datacenter - Datacenter HITS
HITS Datacenter
HITS Datacenter - Métiers de HITS Datacente
HITS Datacenter - Logo HITS
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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in HITS Datacenter, other data centers in Nantes or operated by Etix Everywhere, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Etix Everywhere

Data Center Operator at
HITS Datacenter
2 impasse Joséphine Baker
Headquartered in Howald, Luxembourg