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Nancy SJ1

Zone d'activités Saint Jacques 1
54320 Maxéville
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This DC is operated for more than a decade by Adista. It offer since the begining all standard services in such a facility :
- local staff with extended work hours (6h - 22h)
- Access control
- Fire detection and suppression (Argo 55 in this DC)
- Diesel generator + UPS

During 2013, will be retroffited to a top level DC :
- 3 high density boxes, 6 kW/rack average max 15 kW/rack
- warm corridor
- Energitically optimized water colling (high temperature water, oversized heat exchanger, dry-cooler)
- 1+1 redundant power paths, from the diesel generator to the rack
- 3+1 redundants water chiller, plus dry-cooler
- 1+1 hydraulic distribution with continuous cooling even in case of utility/diesel switchover
- 72h on-site fuel capacity
- multi-stage access control
- inert gas fire suppression
- Fibers adductions : 3 cables along 2 paths from Tutor Nancy, 1 cable from Orange
- Two diverse fiber paths toward the other DC "SJ2"
- possible roof access

Nancy SJ1 Pricing
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Data Center Operator at
Nancy SJ1
Zone d'activités Saint Jacques 1
Headquartered in MAXEVILLE, FRANCE