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Egypt Network is proud to provide a wide range of web hosting, dedicated servers and Colocation services. Egypt Network operates a fault tolerance state-of-the-art Data Center based in Egypt with redundant power & Internet connections.

Egypt Network's Data Center Services is a fully dedicated business unit, offers our customers the following hosting services:

- Shared Hosting Services
- Dedicated Servers
- Managed Hosting
- Collocation Services
- Hosted Applications

Data Center Infrastructure

Egypt Network Data center is built to high standards with highly skilled IT professionals dedicated to maintaining the sites operations. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable and cost-effective services possible. Individual requirements may be customized to fit the customers’ needs. Our data center is a secure, service-oriented facility staffed with experienced webmasters and IT professionals to expedite the installation and maintenance of your servers. The following outlined specifications are our published standards.

- Environmental Control

Equipped with High Capacity HVAC systems (Carrier)
Data center environment maintained at optimal
temperature and humidity levels for equipment

24/7/365 HVAC emergency service by certified

Contracted maintenance with certified HVAC
contractors to discover and fix problems before they
become emergencies

- Electricity

AC Power Systems
N+1 redundancy in all systems
Electric power 220-240 volt
Parallel redundant Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS)
48-hour backup at full load with power generator

- Power Generator

Supports data center and all equipment within at maximum load for 48 hours without refueling Generator backup can be extended beyond 48 hour limits in the unlikely event of an extended power outage with refueling while engine is running Uninterrupted transfer of power - with use of high capacity UPS and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) transfer of power is completely automatic and almost transparent in the event of an outage.

How it works:

High Capacity UPS regularly charges internal battery to sustain enough energy to power servers in any emergency. When an outage occurs, the power is automatically transferred to UPS battery transparent to servers. The power generator is automatically started and ATC then transfers all data center power to generator source. The entire process is completely transparent to servers.
Regularly scheduled maintenance with certified power generator contractors. Maintenance includes full load tests to simulate actual power outage in order to detect and fix any potential problems that may surface.

24/7/365 emergency service with local technician stations
24/7/365 emergency refueling service
24/7/365 local and remote monitoring of generator system at Technical Operations Center (TOC)
Prepaid emergency fuel. Ensures priority refueling in case of fuel supply shortage

- Fire Protection

Smoke and high temperature detection and alarm system 24/7/365 TOC alerted before temperatures get to danger levels Zone alerts fire extinguishing mechanism.

- Building security

Our data center is physically isolated from everyone but specialized technicians, whilst public access is strictly forbidden. Access to any zone inside the data center is restricted to personnel holding authorized pass cards.

All external doors are of high security type and

An intruder alarm system to monitor all external doors
and business critical areas. This system detects
movement and attempts to force entry and configured
to allow multi-zone setting.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with full recording
and simultaneous playback facilities to monitor all
building external elevations, the overall site in general,
reception, core lobby and main access corridors
together with each computer room.


The network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of the Internet's e-business density. The data center's network has been optimized for outsourcing traffic density. Enterprise class Cisco routers, and Cisco switches represent essential parts of the data center core network.

- Connectivity

Redundant fiber connections on diverse physical paths
Cisco 7 series routers running BGP4 Cisco series switches
Gigabit Ethernet network backbone
Carrier neutral environment with 3 redundant Backbone
Dedicated leased bandwidth, NOT shared access to an
oversubscribed connection
Network monitoring 24x7x365
The Data center utilizes connections to multiple backbones to
ensure that data reaches the end-user in the fastest, most
efficient manner possible. Also have peering agreements with
local ISPs to allow fast delivery of packets when possible.

- Bandwidth Utilization

The Data center Network currently has plenty of excess capacity, even during peak hours. This allows for us to accommodate even the largest spikes in traffic that are often associated with the most popular Web sites. We are always adding network connectivity and new routes in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible. A low bandwidth utilization also allows for maximum up time, even if one of our providers has an outage ...just another reason to outsource your server to Egypt Network .

- Monitoring and reports

- Network and Servers

Our Data center expert staff monitors the status of your server hosted in our data center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Availability monitoring by Ping
Fault monitoring for WWW, DNS, MAIL, FTP, ports and
Performance monitoring of CPU usage ratio, memory
usage ratio, disk usage ratio and others.
Various other monitoring services are available.

-Web Reports

Daily report
Weekly report
Monthly report
Availability statistics, resources statistics, access statistics, technical statistic, and overall statistics

- IT and network security

-World Class Infrastructure

Our Data center’s structural design focuses upon 3 main issues: security, adaptability and maximum availability. Keeping this in mind, Customers with specific needs/requirements can be easily accommodated as well. Our Data Center communication and system engineers can adapt our structure to support any special requirements a customer can think of!

-State of the Art Security

Our Data center creates a first line of defense using CISCO PIX, effectively achieving a secure environment with almost no downtime. Our redundant core switches provide the option of creating separate VLANs with routing capabilities and customized access lists, allowing us to setup separate DMZs for each client.

-Real-time Intrusion Detection

Providing internal, real-time monitoring is the Real Secure IDS which utilizes a combination of Network and Host – based sensors connected to a centrally managed console. This system not only provides means to monitor traffic 24 x 7, but also allows for real-time configurable responses such as terminating sessions and forwarding alerts among others.

-Enterprise Antivirus Solution

As a standard service, Our Data center also offers the antivirus software for all our customers’ servers which connect to our centrally managed console providing automatic updates, policy setting per defined domain and constantly monitored by our dedicated staff.

-Security Services

Our Data center communication and system teams provide

24 x 7 support to any customer in need.
As a measure of Our Data center’s dedication to the
security cause our personnel perform frequent self
-audits providing the necessary means to updating and
improving security all around.

Vulnerability Assessment. Our Data center certified
engineers perform this vital function as a separate
service for those really interested in keeping their
servers secure.

Security consulting. Our Data center takes
communication support one step further by providing
this vital service as a means to ensure that any
customer can meet security requirements needing
outside consultants.

If you should have any questions concerning web site hosting, domain name registration, dedicated servers and collocation please feel free to contact us on +20 (2) 19350 or by email at

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in EgyptNetwork, or other data centers in Mansura or by EgyptNetwork, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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