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GPX Cairo 1 Data Center

GPX Global Systems Inc
within 10 km of the address
11361 Almaza

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within 10 km of the address
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GPX MEIX - Middle East Internet Exchange is located in Heliopolis, a prestigious section of Cairo, providing the inherent benefits of more reliable commercial power. The facility is located approximately two blocks, 500 meters, from the Telecom Egypt (TE) Kobba central office. The Kobba central office is one of the most modern in Cairo.

GPX's Internet Data Centers are "true" carrier neutral. GPX is not a Telco carrier, ISP, or hardware or software provider, an affiliate, or a distributor or partner for any transport, hardware, or software solutions. Our centers provide the tools customers need to control their costs and reliability. Our model provides access to multiple carriers and multiple ISPs, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate, efficient, and competitively priced interconnection partners for their business needs. GPX offers our clients the ability to change carriers without moving equipment, and to connect to more than one carrier to achieve redundancy.

Customers benefit as they are not captive to any one carrier, ISP, hardware, or software provider, and can negotiate the best pricing and best service levels (SLA's) allowing them to build very cost effective and highly reliable networks.

TE Data
Link Dot Net
Internet Egypt
Etisalat Misr
Nile On Line
Vodafone Egypt

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GPX Cairo 1 Data Center
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