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Datacenter Skanderborg

Fuzion A/S
Niels Bohrs vej 35
8660 Skanderborg
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Datacenter Skanderborg, The largest and most modern co-location datacenter in Jutland. The datacenter serves together with Fuzion's other datacenter, Hostingcenter Aarhus as dual datacenter solution for companies with mission crittical requirements.

The design is made to meet the following requirements:
- maximum uptime
- maximum energy efficiency
- maximum security

The datacenter is designed be a high capasity datacenter, offering the cappabulilty to provide every single rack with 12,8 KW of redundant power.

The 1.000 KW cooling system is one of the most energy efficient in the businnes, running withour use of compressors 10 month of the year.

The Datacenter is not carrier neutral, but offers network solutions from; Fuzion, TDC, ButlerNetworks, ZenSystems, NiaNet.

Datacenter building
Cold corridor
1.000 KW freecooler
Video surveillance
Datacenter Skanderborg Pricing
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Fuzion A/S
Data Center Operator at
Datacenter Skanderborg
Niels Bohrs vej 35
Headquartered in Skanderborg, Denmark