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DC Selska is located in the area Zagreb, Croatia (Republika Hrvatska), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 08-05-2018.

HT d.d.
Selska cesta 122
10000 Zagreb

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. Sufficient distance (over 100 m) from the gas pumps and other repositories of toxic, explosive, corrosive or similar materials.
. Sufficient distance from transport route (roads) through which hazardous materials are often transported.


. The building was built with the appropriate project documentation, in compliance with legal and regulatory standardization.
. Possibility to enter the heavy equipment is provided, (access by forklift and freight elevator) door height of 2.2 m, width up to 2 m.
. Raised double floor height 60cm or 90 cm is built into the system halls.
. Height from the raised floor to the ceiling is more than 300 cm.
. Raised floor can take evenly distributed loads weighing up to the 1500 kN or up to the 290 kN for spot distributed load.

Air Conditioning and Cooling

. Cooling systems consist of a combination of cooling systems on water and Freon air conditioning units installed in all the server rooms, so it is always installed at least one redundant air unit in each room of the server room.
. The temperature is maintained between 22 ± 2 ° C, and the humidity in the server room is within 50 ± 20%. There is a room embedded system of air inlet equipped with air filters, gas indicators and air inlet capacity of 1-2 changes per hour, for each server room.
. There is a possibility of providing adequate environmental conditions in the particular case of significant increase of heat dissipation.

Electrical energy

. Power supply, from the power grid, is derived from its own substation via two independent high-voltage inputs provided by HEP.
. Diesel generators are built-in for especially redundant work. Each generator has individual power of 1100 kW of backup power supply, with underground fuel tanks that allow a continuous operation of the DEA to 72 hours.
. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is realized by special cable from two uninterruptible power supplies (cross wiring). Each power supply is designed as a redundant system with UPSs with individual power of 200.
. UPS's are built with an alarm system power supply (LON).
. The power for user's equipment is enabled also from the DC system (redundant work).
. Grounding is performed in compliance with standard ETSI EN 300 253 (Earthing and bonding configuration inside telecommunications centers).

Protection from unauthorized access

. Security service in an individual object is constant (24x7x365).
. Burglar standard is realized by installing the appropriate solid materials in the construction of the facility and by organizing of server space as a dark room, with no external openings.
. The video surveillance system of facility and entering in the computer server room was achieved with continuous video recording (hard disc recording), which can be obtained in one of the standard video formats on the users request.
. Authorized access - system for electronic access control based on authorization cards with the appropriate database, and a permanent record of the history of the event (the person, date, time of entry, time of exit), which may be obtained on users request from one of the standard formats (Primion system). Authorization of access is based on two-stage solutions (card and PIN).

Fire protection

. Fire protection was performed in accordance with NFPA 75 Standard for the Protection of electronic Computer/Data Processing Equipment: 1999 and LPC Recommendations for loss prevention in EDP and similar installations, and relevant Croatian legal regulation.
. Each server room is realized as a separate sector, separated from the surrounding rooms with walls and doors which are made by the special fire-resistance materials (at least 60 minutes of fire resistance). A sealing of installation penetrations towards the next door premises are in accordance with the DIN 4102 standard.
. To prevent the spread of fire and smoke, air-conditioning system contains fire dampers, derived in accordance with Article 53 of the Ordinance on technical standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems (SL 38/39, 53/91) and DIN 4102 norm.
. Intelligent automatic fire alarm system with recording the history of the event was implemented; Automatic detectors are monitoring the workspace, suspended ceiling spaces and double floor; System is compliant with the Regulation on fire system (NN. 56/99).
. Automatic fire extinguishing within the space of the servers room, the ceiling and double floor, was realized with an inert gas (FM200).
. Rooms which house backup power supplies, rechargeable batteries and diesel generators, are implemented as a separate sector of fire, which is separated from the surrounding rooms with walls and door which are made by the special fire-resistance materials (at least 60 minutes of fire resistance - in accordance with the DIN 4120 standard).

Interaction of fire alarm system with the relevant systems

. Power supply shutdown.
. Automatic activation of the fire extinguishing system with an inert gas (FM200).
. Appropriate interaction/shutdown procedures to Air Conditioning and Cooling System.
. Appropriate interaction with the system for opening doors of server room and the access roads for evacuation.
. All technical systems for fire protection (fire alarm system, FM2000, fire dampers, etc.) have an appropriate project documentation which has been approved by the MUP (competent police department) and a certificate issued based on the testing of the system by an authorized person, in accordance with Article 20 of the Fire Protection and Prevention ACT (NN 58/93) and the accompanying regulations.
. All seal-materials, materials for installing a power supply and networks, fire resistant doors, etc., have the appropriate approvals / certificates.


. Appropriate alarm-organization, supervision and management of the security and other systems, regular testing and maintenance of the same systems, and other necessary procedures, as well as sending SMS alarm status and e-mail messages, have been established.
. DCIM system was implemented - Data center infrastructure management allows central monitoringof the embedded devices and equipment.
. Monitoring part of the central Building Management System is a high functional product of the world's manufacturers of monitoring and management systems, based on a real-time database in a graphically oriented interface. The system also supports a true client-server architecture, which means that expanding capacity and server capabilities do not cause an upgrade of any client.
. All configuration changes (on the user level as well as the administrator level) can be run without modification of source code (Source Code) and they can be done without interrupting system operation.

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