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Tupolevlaan 22-24
1119 NX Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands

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Data Center Relation Address City Country
Interxion VIE1 Owner Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, Bldg 1 Vienna Austria
Interxion VIE2 Owner Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, Bldg 2 Vienna Austria
Interxion BRU1 Owner Wezembeekstraat 2, bus 1 Zaventem Belgium
Interxion BRU2 Owner Woluwedal 102 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe Belgium
Interxion BRU3 Owner Mercuriusstraat 27 Zaventem Belgium
Interxion ZAG1 Owner Selska cesta 93 Zagreb Croatia
Interxion CPH1 Owner Industriparken 20C Copenhagen Denmark
Interxion CPH2 Owner Industriparken 20-32 Copenhagen Denmark
Interxion MRS1 Owner 40 Avenue Roger Salengro Marseille France
Interxion MRS2 Owner Porte 4, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Marseille France
Interxion PAR1 Owner 45 Avenue Victor Hugo, Aubervilliers Paris France
Interxion PAR2 Owner 20 Rue des Gardinoux, Aubervilliers Paris France
Interxion PAR3 Owner 7-9 Avenue des Arts et Métiers, Saint-Denis Paris France
Interxion PAR4 Owner 21 Rue du Port, Nanterre Paris France
Interxion PAR5 Owner 11-13 Avenue des Arts et Metiers, Saint-Denis Paris France
Interxion PAR6 Owner 11-15 rue Galilée Paris France
Interxion PAR7 Owner 1-3 Rue Râteau, La Courneuve Paris France
Interxion DUS1 Owner In der Steele 25-45 Dusseldorf Germany
Interxion DUS2 Owner In der Steele 39-45 Dusseldorf Germany
Interxion FRA1 Owner Hanauer Landstrasse 302 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA10 Owner Weismullerstrasse 38 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA11 Owner Weissmuellerstrasse 40 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA12 Owner Weissmuellerstrasse 31 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA13 Owner Weismullerstrasse 42 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA14 Owner Weismullerstrasse 34 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA15 Owner Hanauer Landstrasse 264 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA16 Owner Weismullerstrasse 37-39 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA2 Owner Hanauer Landstrasse 304-304a Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA3 Owner Weismullerstrasse 21-23 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA4 Owner Weismullerstrasse 19 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA5 Owner Hanauer Landstrasse 308/308a Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA6 Owner Hanauer Landstrasse 308-308a Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA7 Owner Weismullerstrasse 32-40 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA8 Owner Weismüllerstrasse 36 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion FRA9 Owner Weismüllerstrasse 25-27 Frankfurt Germany
Interxion ATH1 Owner 37A Kifissias Avenue Athens Greece
Interxion ATH2 Owner 37A Kifissias Avenue Athens Greece
Interxion DUB1 Owner Unit 35 Lavery Avenue, Parkwest Industrial Estate Dublin Ireland
Interxion DUB2 Owner Unit 24 Hume Avenue, Parkwest Industrial Estate Dublin Ireland
Interxion DUB3 Owner Grange Castle Business Park, Nangor Road Dublin Ireland
Interxion MBA01 Owner Mombasa Road, Nr. New Jomvu Total Mombasa Kenya
Interxion NBO01 Owner Langata S Road at LRC Road Nairobi Kenya
Interxion MAD1 Owner Calle Albasanz, 71 Madrid Spain
Interxion MAD2 Owner Calle Albasanz, 73 Madrid Spain
Interxion MAD3 Owner Calle Emilio Muñoz 49-51 Madrid Spain
Interxion STO1 Owner Esbogatan 11 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion STO2 Owner Vanda 3, Esbogatan 11, Bldg 1 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion STO3 Owner Vanda 3, Esbogatan 11, Bldg 2 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion STO4 Owner Vanda 3, Esbogatan 11, Bldg 3 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion STO5 Owner Vanda 3, Esbogatan 11, Bldg 4 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion STO6 Owner Vandagatan 3 Stockholm Sweden
Interxion ZUR1 Owner Sägereistrasse 35, Bldg 1 Zurich Switzerland
Interxion ZUR2 Owner Bäulerwisenstrasse 4 Zurich Switzerland
Interxion ZUR3 Owner Sägereistrasse 35, Bldg 2 Zurich Switzerland
Interxion AMS1 Owner Gyroscoopweg 60 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS10 Owner Pudongweg 25 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS2 (Amsterdam) Owner Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS3 Owner Cessnalaan 1-33 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS4 Owner Gyroscoopweg 58 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS5 Owner Tupolevlaan 101 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS6 Owner Koolhovenlaan 25 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS7 Owner Cessnalaan 50 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS8 Owner Pudongweg 37 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion AMS9 Owner Science Park 121 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Interxion LON1 Owner 11 Hanbury Street London United Kingdom
Interxion LON2 Owner 12 Hanbury Street London United Kingdom
Interxion LON3 Owner 13 Hanbury Street London United Kingdom

Total: 67 data centers, of which Interxion owns all of them.
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