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Huntleigh Technology Group

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Huntleigh Technology Group
100 N. Stanton St.
79901 El Paso
Texas, USA

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Huntleigh Technology Group maintains and operates a highly-secured data center, which is located in downtown El Paso, TX. The data center itself is located on a above street level floor of a Class A office building built in 1986.

The facility was designed and purpose-built as a hardened data center by for the use as the principal data center of a Fortune 500 energy company. It is now owned and maintained by another Fortune 500 company as their principle data center as well as the building serving as their corporate headquarters.

The building is operated with a focus on maintaining a high level of "cyber security"

All personnel entering the Stanton Data Center must have a security badge issued by a building Security Guard to go past the Lobby. A Security Guard is stationed at a building monitoring control panel desk in the lobby adjacent to the building's entrance at all times, 24x7.
Controlled access turnstiles in the lobby, adjacent to the Security Guard monitoring control panel desk, are at the sole point of ingress and egress to the building requiring card swipe at the turnstiles for both entrance and exit.

Loading dock entrance, when open, is manned at all times by a Security Guard and anyone entering the building from the loading dock must have a badge issued by a Security Guard.

A separate security badge, different from the building security badge, must be swiped to gain access the upper floor entrance to the data center area.

The main entrance to the HTG data center is key accessed and then different key access is again required to enter the HTG man trap.

Once through the man trap, and upon entering the HTG data center, additional separate key access is required to enter the data center server sector.

Additionally, the building security has video and card swipe logged data available from all points of entry.
. Customer Access
No customer access is allowed into the separate HTG telecom / power facility area.
Only Huntleigh Engineering and Technical Operations personnel have access to the data center.
Customer's access to their equipment is by escort only and all customers must sign in and show acceptable ID and then sign out.
Customers with access to their own equipment have individual locked cabinets.

. Customer Data Security
HTG provides open public IP addresses as requested by customers. Huntleigh does not provide any firewall or filtering of any type, unless specifically requested by contract.

HTG employees will monitor IP traffic only as required by law or, to assist in maintaining the quality of service provided to the customer. Data statistics however will be gathered to provide proof of service provided.
HTG employees with access to customer equipment are provided training to enable them to understand federal CPNI, HIPPA, and PCI issues.

HTG employees will provide test assist as requested by customers, and as such may be given password access to customer equipment.

Huntleigh does not maintain a record of customer passwords/access and must be provided access to customer equipment on a case by case basis.

. HVAC System
o The data center offers N+1 multi-ton computer-controlled air handlers for the data center room air conditioners, which are individually piped for no single point of failure.

. Fire Control
The data center has floor wide dual stage gas fire suppression. The exit from the HTG facility is panic bar enabled.

All personnel are required to leave the data center immediately when a fire alarm is sounded whether a gas discharge has occurred or not.

. Electrical Systems
Huntleigh offers true A-B power by utilizing dual corded servers for uninterrupted power delivery. In case of power failure, the data center supplies N+1 generator and UPS connections. Diesel generators automatically activate when commercial power is interrupted.

To maintain uninterrupted power service, UPS and power conditioning are engineered into each power/diesel generator feed. Electrical component placement is engineered to TIA-942 specifications.

HTG employs multiple UPS units and utilizes dual corded hardware to support critical pieces of the infrastructure. PDUs with automatic transfer switches are used to maintain stable power to the network and racks.
o The commercial power for the Huntleigh data center is protected by a UPS and includes failover to an auxiliary power generator. The backup generator is tested monthly and has regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure proper switchover in case of a grid failure.

Maintenance is scheduled in advance and has no impact on the daily operations of the facility. HTG informs the designated client contact of any scheduled maintenance windows.

The outdoor components of the cooling system are secured on the facility rooftop and employ similar redundancy measures for additional security.


Data Center services are as unique and varied as our customer's individual need therefore each project is treated on an individual case basis with full involvement from our engineering and business teams. We look forward to working with you to provide for your technical requirements as well as a sound business relationship offering Huntleigh's reputation for exceptional customer service and support.

Huntleigh Technology Group, Inc.
100 N. Stanton St. Suite 700
El Paso, TX 79901

Ross Dahman


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