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Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street 11/8
115088 Moscow

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DataSpace - a reliable partner, offering reliable and safe environment for critical IT assets of Russian and international companies.

DataSpace services:

1. Colocation:
- Private data hall
- Rackspace
- Rack location units
-Cage colocation
- Infrastructure equipment
-CFD simulation
2. Custom projects
3. Extended technical support
4. Data center lifecycle management
5. Data center relocation management
6. Telecommunication solutions
7. Data center legal advisory services


DataSpace is 100% owned by Russia Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siguler Guff & Company. The shareholders of the fund are global foreign investors, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the IFC, our largest shareholders. The due diligence process should reassure you of our stability and sound business mode.

DataSpace is the first site in Russia to receive Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold certificate. That means our site was designed, built, and verified to be concurrently maintainable and operationally sustainable. It means we can take any critical component offline to inspect, maintain or replace anytime without affecting our customers. This means no downtime. Without this verified concurrent maintainability, you will be waiting for some component to fail and will be offline until it's replaced or repaired. These outages are almost always unpredictable.

DataSpace is the only data center colocation operator that owns its DC facility building and the land beneath and around. Rather than the usual practice of renting the ground area from the City, DataSpace was able to purchase and own it outright. DataSpace is a direct subscriber to its electricity supply, with no other entities in between the utility provider and the facility. DataSpace possesses all legal and technical permissions.

As a result of our certification by Uptime Institute, we are able to offer substantial compensation for downtime, up to $10 million of damages. This guarantee is funded by insurance coverage provided by leading international insurance companies Based on their due diligence of our site and operations procedures, and familiarity with the Tier III standard from The Uptime Institute, they underwrote these significant guarantees.
After extensive due diligence, the leading financial institutions operating in Russia (including Russia's dominant stock exchange, the Moscow Stock Exchange), have chosen DataSpace for all the right reasons. It's fair to say these are well run companies and must have made the decision to partner with DataSpace for the main reasons that we are the best product and counterparty.

DataSpace is the most secured private sector data center in Moscow. By far, more secure than any of the other operators. DataSpace is offering private, highly secured data halls. Not only does this afford you physical security, but it protects you from any outage or damage from other tenants' fires or events. You can monitor and control access to your own secured mini-data center, protected within our facility.

DataSpace has, by far, invested significantly in the recruitment, training and development of our operations team. That, plus the concurrently maintainable facility are the reason DataSpace is the only major operator in the market with no incidents of downtime. In addition to our team of specialist engineers being trained at the factory level, we carry our own inventory of spare parts, in line or even above what factory service vendors themselves stock in Moscow.


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