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DataFarm ehf
Skiphilti 50d
105 Reykjavík

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The foundation of our pathway to creating this company is based on the vast experience of designing and building of state-of-the-art data centers and developing and launching large information systems.

The 20-plus-year practical knowledge acquired with such projects led us to expand in a new direction for us, where we design, build, manage and maintain our own cutting-edge data and computing centers and, in addition to using them themselves, provide the data and computing services to our partners and clients for the cryptocurrency mining and more traditional data processing and storage.

The key objectives for our company are to increase the level of availability, reliability and security while reducing the fixed costs of maintenance and increasing the return on investment in computing and storage equipment.

The aspiration to achieve our goals has required us to create and develop a number of separate independent areas:
- "on-the-fly" supply of computing power on a customer's request to be used, for example, for cryptocurrency mining, or for classical and RISC servers, both virtual and physical, to be used for processing and storing data.
- active monitoring - an intelligent system responsible for an analysis of the on-going status and an optimization of equipment settings, as well as prevention of fatal breakdowns by responding to potential threats in an automatic mode. As part of the framework the system keeps detailed logs for pieces of equipment under management and connects all incidents with corresponding parameters settings for devices, performed work, changes in settings, as well as ongoing maintenance of devices and performed repairs.
- repairs of computing equipment - we have been developing a partner network with equipment manufacturers aiming to provide owners of devices of different brands in Iceland the opportunity to conduct prompt repairs of any complexity within the shortest timeframe and without money spent on logistics such as shipping to a manufacturer directly.
- the creation of a smart, adaptive and, the most important, cost-effective engineering infrastructure. For our partners and ourselves, we are constantly developing knowledge base and experience in designing and creating power supply systems, structured cabling, ventilation and air conditioning, backup power for security and fire alarm subsystems.
- intellectual protection against threats to information security.

All of the above led us to the creation of a completely autonomous mobile data center for cryptocurrency mining and data processing. Today, the key tasks for the company are the development and implementation in each of the above-mentioned areas in the interests of our partners and customers and the continuation of the construction of our own data center using our accumulated experience and technologies.
We are confident that we are creating an open and unique fully integrated solution that allows data center customers, data centers, manufacturers of various equipment, to achieve new levels in reliability, service availability, security and economic efficiency of investments.


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