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75 Broad St. 20th Floor
10004 New York
New York, USA

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Arbinet is a public company with a strong balance sheet that operates a well known Voice Exchange and IP Exchanges. Arbinet IP Solutions provides numerous industry unique IP Exchange services including Arbinet's patented high performance OptimizedIP that is ideal for international VOIP and other performane hungry applications. We provide our IP Service in major carrier hotels and in our own data center at 75 Broad St.

At Arbinet's 75 Broad St Data Center we specialize in providing services that are not offered in the major data centers while providing easy access to our IP Services. Unique benefits include:

-Increments from single rack units up to full cabinets (with quarter cabinets and half cabinets being very popular)
-Success-based space increases
-Terms under one year available
-No MRC on cross-connects to other service providers
-Aggressive price points for Manhattan based colo
-Layer 2 access to numerous major IP backbones
-Ability to have a physical cross-connect to the Arbinet Voice Exchange
-Ability to use Pangaea Virtual GigE ring to gain connectivity to the major NY carrier hotels
-Ability to establish settlement free peering with Arbinet member networks in other locations

Arbinet's 75 Broad St colocation is ideal for numerous applications but especially:
-Start up firms or new applications
-International networks establising a cost-effective initial presence in NY
-Applications requiring multiple cross-connects to other service providers ($0 MRC)
-Small space requirements particulary 1/4 cabinet and half cabinet
-Applications requiring a high amount of IP backbone connectivity
-Applicatiions that require only a single connection to high quality bandwidth
-Arbinet Voice Exchange members
-Those who seek the security of dealing with a public company

Service providers available in Arbinet space at 75 Broad and with $0 MRC for cross-connects include: Verizon, ATT, XO, TWT, Light Tower (KeySpan), Metcom, Pangaea, Reliance (Yipes).

Layer 2 backbone providers via Arbinet's Exchange include: UUNet (Verizon), Level 3, Global Crossing, Sprint, SAVVIS, Stealth, Deutsche Telecom, Telia, Interoute, Telecom Italia, Tinet (Tiscali), TATA (Teleglobe) with uniquely flexible business terms - 0 Mb commitments, short terms, simulatenous access, etc.


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