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Virtual servers hosting is a suitable solution for those for whom standard webhosting does not suffice and a dedicated server would be underutilized
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Virtual server is a dedicated part of the physical server with its own operating system installation and services. Thanks to the advanced virtualization technology RedHat KVM we can guarantee high performance, reliability and full administrator access via VNC, SSH or web browser. The performance of our virtual servers is guaranteed.

Virtual servers hosting is a suitable solution for those for whom standard webhosting does not suffice and a dedicated server would be underutilized. The virtual server functionality is the same as for physical servers, however, the purchase price is significantly lower.

VPS Benefits Compared to a Physical Server
The latest virtualization technology Red Hat KVM
No care for server hardware
VPS performance boost, if necessary
Access to VPS console via VNC or web browser
Full administrator access to the server via SSH, RD or VNC
Server restart with one click from web administration
Daily backup, backup three days back
Server reinstallation and recovery from backup with one click from web administration

Supported Operating Systems
Virtual servers can run any common operating system (Linux, MS Windows,...) and the virtual server can be treated the same way as the physical server. A web administration is used to install the operating system by inserting the installation CD through a virtual drive to your virtual server and then running the common installation process, which is fully accessible via VNC consoles or web interface.

CentOS 32bit, 64bit Debian GNU/kFreeBSD - 64bit Debian GNU/Linux 32bit, 64bit DragonFlyBSD Fedora 64bit FreeBSD 32bit, 64bit IPCop Gentoo 64bit Mageia MINIX 3 - 32bit
OpenBSD - 32bit, 64bit Open Indiana Plan 9 ReactOS - 32bit Scientific Linux - 32bit, 64bit Slackware Linux - 32bit, 64bit Ubuntu Server 64bit Microsoft Windows Server Zeroshell

Virtual Server Connectivity
Each of our virtualization servers disposes redundant connectivity to the Coolhousing Data Centre network. For maximum VPS availability, the connectivity to the virtualization node is running through two geographic points, and this enables us to offer complete redundancy of connectivity and independence from a single access point. Data transfers are unlimited.

VPS Administration from Web Interface
A unique system for computer-aided administration enables you to hire a Linux server administrator or to learn complex commands in order to operate a web server, database and provide other web services.

Administrating the virtual server directly from a web interface seems to be an ideal solution. This administration is based on CentOS Linux, where you can set everything (webs, databases, etc...) simply through your web browser. More about web administration.

VPS can be ordered without a preinstalled panel. Therefore, the server can be administrated via SSH, RDP or VNC. You have a full administration/root access to the server.

Virtual server backups run automatically. If any problem occurs, you can return with one click to any of the previous server states and recover not only data but also all VPS settings. The system stores a complete 3-day backup of the virtual server data.

If necessary, virtual servers hosting backup can be performed outside of the automatic process and stored in the system for an unlimited time. The process of VPS recovery from such a backup is the same as from the automatic backup ´ one click.

Why choose VPS
Thanks to the advanced virtualization technology KVM we can guarantee high performance, reliability and full administrator access via VNC, SSH or web browser.

An option of installing OS Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and others...
MS Windows Server support including applicable licenses
Server reinstallation at any time from web administration
Server restart from web administration
Full server backup to an external storage drive
On-line statistics of virtual server
VPS web administration
By choosing web administration, you obtain the following additional functions against installation with an optional operating system.

Professional prepared and tuned up system
Simple interface for web and FTP administration
Interface for MySQL and Postgre database administration
Advanced administration such as Firewall or variable PHP
Administration of repeatedly running processes (CRON)
OS Linux CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP and etc...

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- High Availability
- Integrated Backup
- Immediate setup
- Management available
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