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At the heart of our cloud computing platform is our high availability N+1 network, powered exclusively by Cisco and IBM networking technologies which provides a total of 280Gb/s of public internet, storage and private network connectivity to each blade chassis of which 40Gb/s is available to each individual blade server. 32Gb/s of fibre channel storage is available to each blade to provide exceptional levels of redundancy, resilience and performance for persistent storage.

To achieve a high performance, low latency storage environment, additional N+1 IBM FC3172 Fibre channel switches present storage directly to the Hypervisors from Enterprise IBM V7000 storage appliances, each featuring dual controllers and 4 physical paths (4x 8Gb/s interfaces). Due to the significant levels of redundancy built into the networking aspects of our cloud computing platforms, any networking failure at top of rack, datacenter core or at blade chassis level would go unnoticed, allowing for failures or scheduled maintenance on core devices to be performed without the loss of a single packet.

? N+1 standard for top of rack and chassis switches (10GbE and fibre channel).
? 240Gb/s of connectivity to each blade chassis, 40Gb/s of which is available to each blade.
? IBM V7000 SSD Accelerated SAS & Nearline storage with multipath for exceptional levels of performance
? 20Gb/s of Tier 3 storage (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI storage connectivity), 10Gb/s dedicated to OnApp backups.
? Full VLAN support, create as many networks as you require at speeds of up to 10Gb/s.
? Advanced bonding and link aggregration at Hypervisor operating system level.

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- VMware
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- VMware vCloud
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- API Access
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- Immediate setup
- Management available
- No compliance data.