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Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud
Managed Services

Server Hosting - Virtual Server & physical dedicated server instances

o Virtual Server – cloud enabled – pay as you go model
o Easy to expand and modify provisioned systems
o Physical dedicated servers option - dedicated physical hardware
o Secure with firewall protection

The server hosting service has been specifically built to provide a high performance, secure and scalable environment for the hosting of both virtual machines and also physical servers within purpose built data centre facilities. The service is supported by a dedicated team of engineers.

Datacentre - Server rack unit space, co-location of server racks

o State of the art facilities – stringent compliance to international standards
o Optimum datacentre environments
o Protection from physical and environmental threats

Using of state of the art facilities we provision optimum datacentre environments where customers can house their equipment with peace of mind that their data will be adequately protected from physical and environmental threats.

IT Infrastructure Management - Outsourced operations & support of ICT

o System Administration & support of ICT Systems hosted in the cloud.
o 24/7 monitoring of private cloud infrastructure.
o Right environment for provisioning private & hybrid clouds.

MCS provides a cloud infrastructure management service model in which an organization outsources the operations & support of the storage, hardware, servers, and its associated systems which is housed within the MCS Cloud Datacenter. This includes control of access to such resources such as user administration, assigning systems privileges and monitoring of the outsourced infrastructure. The aim is to put in place the right environment for provisioning private & hybrid clouds.

Hosted Messaging - Business-class Email located in the cloud

o Email anywhere, anytime from Outlook, a web browser or mobile phone
o Share calendars, address books & tasks, mobile email - anywhere
o Fully managed.
o Advanced Security features (anti-spam, firewall).

The Cloud hosted messaging service offers a robust, remotely hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of messaging platforms such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange. The solution provides a high level of resiliency, robustness and redundancy, as well as a range of security, content and management features supported by our experienced staffs.

Business Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning

Financial management applications

o General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable …
o Dashboards & reporting,
o Centralized security

Business Intelligence & workflow solutions

Quickly respond to changing business needs

o Aggregate content from multiple sources and displaying it in a Web browser
o Automation using process based workflows aligned to business objectives

Document Management System & Online archiving

o Implement document retention polices, and automatic content sorting
o Online document library - centrally-stored version of documents

Networking, Telecoms & Security


Extended security in the cloud

o Prevents network attacks and data breaches for cloud-based servers
o Protects sensitive cloud-based data from intrusion attempts by hackers
o Controlled access to protected servers to authorised users only
o Managed by certified information security experts

Our solution is a cost-effective, integrated security model approach. The Cloud Firewall Service is intended for smaller to larger organizations who want the peace of mind that a managed firewall service can provide. The security operations center is manned by security experts with industry certifications.


Infrastructure and endpoint solutions from the cloud

o Protect cloud servers from virus and other malware infections
o Can be extended to provide endpoint protection from the cloud o Monitored & updated from the cloud,
o Reporting on status of the level protection of each system

Cloud based antivirus solution allows the remote management of antivirus applications installed on the cloud servers as well as the extended ability of covering endpoint protection. The protected systems are monitored & updated from the cloud, with reporting on status of the level protection of each system.

Vulnerability Management

Identified risks, right level of protection against cyber-attacks

o Cloud-based networked IT infrastructure scanning with automation
o Identifying and classifying ICT systems vulnerabilities
o Remediate detected faults and manage security risks o Reduce threat exposure of servers; helps protect sensitive data on servers.

Hosted vulnerability management provides cloud-based internal and external infrastructure scanning in an automated manner. Together with our internal resources with extensive information security experience we help you to: - Manage compliance with security initiatives by scanning for and classifying vulnerabilities - Providing remediation steps and data to assess and manage security risks to help reduce threat exposure

Internet Services

Connection to productivity platforms hosted in the cloud

o Range of last mile technologies – wired and wireless
o Secure internet service provider platform
o Diverse connectivity – to Africa and Europe

MCS employs a range of technologies to enable consumers to connect to the internet and thereon allows businesses to connect to productivity platforms hosted in the cloud.

Markets (1)
- VMware
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- VMware vCloud
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- Management available
- No compliance data.