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There are a number of modern data centres in Germany that are able to satisfy IT security standard requirements, but it is our aim to offer you more in terms of security and quality. The former vault building of the Central Hessian Bank is a literally ironclad edifice with gross floor space of 8,000m2. 2,400m2 of that area has been remodelled into eleven data centre modules (data centre floor space). Now it serves as home to the state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure.

Our security concept is based on a many-layer concept. On the outside, 1m thick reinforced concrete walls with anti-ramming protection, 4 m high fully metal perimeter fence, physical barriers, fully controlled access, access zone limitation, armoured window glass, 24/7/365 perimeter 360 degree video surveillance. Inside: 24/7/365 security personnel. Access to security-relevant areas is only possible for authorised persons that undergo preliminary screening, access zone limitation, ?no-stray-visitor? system.

In addition our data centre is actually a 'building inside a building'. Inside the main building we have a three storeyed vault that provides 100% electromagnetic shielding and equipped with Oxyreduct system to prevent fire in compliance with most stringent data centre security requirements. The entire building is seismic-proof. There is also a nuclear shelter below the vault that has been turned into storage facility for hard drives and magnetic tapes. This allows our customers to have their archives on magnetic tapes and hard drives to be kept close to their own data processing hardware and save time and money to use tapes and drives in-house without compromising security and data protection procedures. We offer 100 emergency workplaces to our customers. Our specially equipped hardware assembly and testing rooms allow our customers to assemble and test their hardware outside server rooms. The latter helps to limit the time and number of authorised personnel visiting server rooms. Validation and storage rooms have their own access procedures reminiscent to procedures when gold and cash were moved in and out here before. In short, DARZ combines top performance and service quality with security for one goal only: satisfied customers!

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