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Chapal is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider - offering customers on-demand, world-class hosting solutions to boost their business, cut IT costs and help them reach new goals.
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Do More with Less

Chapal is a powerful platform that enables IT professionals to do more with less. The highly integrated and advanced built-in templates and comprehensive managed services tools help to build, deploy and manage your enterprise, mobile or web apps simpler and faster with your skills and our technology.

A Platform for all IT Infrastructure

Chapal offers IT professionals with a vast range of tools that cater needs of virtually all platforms including deployment tools, computing power, Data warehousing, networking and databases, different storage options, on-demand delivery, scalability, content delivery directories and pay-as-you-go. New services are constantly integrated and automatically provisioned enabling SMBs, enterprises, start-ups and public sectors to quickly deploy latest building blocks required to stay ahead of competitors.

Technology that gets enhanced with time

Chapal offers the latest and cutting edge technological breakthroughs that include diverse assortment of server configurations, powerful database engines, superior encryptions, authoritative large data tools that lets which ensure businesses stay engrossed on their principal concerns and not to holding infrastructure. We continue to enhance our system on the go, so you never lag behind the strategic business environment.

Expand your IT infrastructure

Chapal offers businesses tools that readily integrate with their existing IT infrastructure via a secure and robust network of private connections, encryption features, hybrid databases, storage solutions and data residency. This means that you can have your existing IT infrastructure right where you want them., while the power of Chapal model stack can be deployed to your existing IT environment. Chapal hybrid cloud further helps you to get the most of the both worlds with numerous IT options and low cost and complexity. This is what we call the ultimate cloud computing solution available yet.


Chapal offer supple payment plans that cater needs of all business models. Businesses can now choose the scalability plans and pay only for services that they require. We extend a per-minute billing plan to gives the most affordable cloud computing solutions for all business models. Further, all our services including cloud computing, bandwidth, storage etc. are offered at the most competitive rates - giving the ultimate worth for money spent.

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- High Availability
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
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