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NTT Shanghai Pudong

NTT Global Data Centers
within 40 min. from Pudong International Airport
200120 Shanghai

The exact location of this data center is not public,
but it is located within 40 min. from Pudong International Airport
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The first NTT Com owned and designed DC, following NTT Com global policy
10 kVA high density rack, 99.9999% power availability, high security system, disaster recovery solution
Stable power supply with utility power, UPS and Emergency generators with redundant configuration
Shanghai Pudong Data Center is designed and constructed as magnitude 7 in China to proof earthquake. According to the records of government, the earthquake which is over level 7 of seismic intensity in Shanghai (level 5 of seismic intensity in Japan scale) was not recorded from 1949. In addition, Shanghai Pudong Data Center is located in earthquake-free zone, 5 km from the nearest waterfront, which minimizes risks from flood and earthquakes
Located in the safe area with earthquake-free and flood-free.

40 minutes from Pudong International Airport
30 minutes from Hongqiao International Airport
25 minutes by car from down town
15 minutes by feet from the nearest station
Self-designed, purpose-built data center building
Reinforced concrete and three-stories
Loading capacity of raised floor: 1000 kg/sqm

To ensure reliability, all internal and external network and power cables are fully redundant and separated. Dual cables are provided for the data center as well as its inside by the state grid/telecom providers
Power Receiving : Dual paths from two substations
UPS : N+1/2N(optional) redundant configuration
Generator : N+1 redundant configuration
Power Provision : 2.0 kVA - 10.0 kVA

Air Conditioning-Air-cooling system with N+1 redundant configuration
Cold aisle containment
Management of temperature and humidity (18°C-26°C / 30%-70%)
Target:20°C-24°C / 40%-60%

Fire Protection
Gas fire suppression system to protect ICT equipment
Early warning smoke detection system, Smoke detectors
FM200 gas fire suppression system for server rooms

Multi-factor, multi-step protection for robust security
Monitoring cameras
24/7 on-site security
Web entry application system
Photo identification and IC card required
Anti-tailgating system (circle gate)

Multiple carriers
BGP Connection with two major carriers to reduce the Internet latency in China
Domestic VPN connection

Standard Rack
W: 700 mm x D: 1100 mm x H: 42U

Green Performance
Top class green performance in China
PUE 1.5 ( designed value )Improving the efficiency of cooling by advanced air flow management.
High energy efficient power and cooling system reducing the power consumption, and achieving the toplevel of green performance in China.

Meeting room
Refresh room
BCP office / Working space
Freight elevator
Loading bay
Staging room
Kitting room
ISO 9001 plan to be certified
ISO 20000 plan to be certified
ISO 27001 plan to be certified

Total of 5 NTT Data Centers in Shanghai, China. In addition to Wuxi, and Beijing China.

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Pudong Chnia DC
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