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Towngas Chibo

Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited
Jibei Economic Development Zone, Jinan
250101 Jinan
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Towngas Chibo, a joint venture between Beijing Chibo Information Engineering, Towngas Telecom, Hitachi and CL Investment, is one of the leading data outsourcing service providers in China. Harnessing cutting-edge technology and high-performance management from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, and equipped with state-of-the-art and highly-secured infrastructure, Towngas Chibo offers specialized, professional management services and provides the latest network technology and operational reliability for business partners who value trust and reliability. Towngas Chibo is located in Jinan, Shandong, and operates at world-class standards with Chinese-specific requirements. Recognized as one of the finest data service centres in the region, Towngas Chibo is known not just for its networks and facilities but also for its excellent security and good management.

Connectivity and Geographical Advantages
Towngas Chibo functions as a neutral carrier in the industry. The centre is operated by a dedicated team of IT specialists so as to provide clients with hassle-free connectivity preferences. It also offers one-stop and cost–effective services with a suite of comprehensive features to ensure utmost customer flexibility and satisfaction.

Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan Technological Synergies
Towngas Chibo utilizes cutting-edge technology, high-performance management from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. With the full backing of shareholders and business partners, we are able to deliver high quality support for business networks in ways that were not previously possible.

World-class Infrastructure and Protective Resilience
The infrastructure and facilities of Towngas Chibo are second-to-none, configured with cutting-edge applications, installations and monitoring systems to ensure all sensitive, private data stay that way. Full resilience back up guarantees absolute security, so mission-critical operations and data cannot be compromised.

TIA-942 Tier 3+ Facilities and World-class Recognition
The centre is designed according to recognized standards - TIA-942 Tier 3+ International Standard, FISC (Japanese Financial Industry Information Systems Standard) and GB50174-2008 Chinese Standard. This ensures robust infrastructure and the highest level of reliability through the compliance of cutting-edge facilities.

Environmental Friendly Design
Towngas Chibo is totally committed to the people and the environment in which it is located. Thus, the centre is designed, and has been operating, in a manner to achieve environmental harmony and energy saving to the benefit of the regional community. The friendly environmental design of the centre has incorporated free cooling CRAC within an eco-building so as to reduce radiation heat by up to 40%.

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Towngas Chibo, other data centers in Shandong or operated by Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited

Data Center Operator at
Towngas Chibo
Jibei Economic Development Zone, Jinan
Headquartered in Hong Kong, China