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1 Tianyun Rd.
510663 Guangzhou
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Guangzhou data center is located 43 km/27 mi from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN).

Area:15,000 sq.m.

99.999%+ Power availability
99.999%+ Temperature and humidity availability
99.99%+ Cross connect availability

-Electrical capacity – 2.4 kVA per cabinet
-UPS configuration - N+1 redundancy
-Two-line 10 kV class 1 mains supply from Gaotang and Yushu substations (completed for ---Gaotang substation and under construction for Yushu substation)
-Equipped with 6 2000kva transformers
-Four 2000 kW Caterpillar diesel generators
-Four 1000L daily fuel tanks and one 15000L underground tank
-A fuel supply agreement signed with a local petrol station ensures the supply of fuel
-Five 800KVA UPS systems (Phase 1), including 2 1+1 systems on 1F and 3 2+1 systems on 3F
-All racks use dual channels, with a maximum load per channel of 32A
-Each UPS system is equipped with a separate battery pack, which can provide 30 minutes of uninterrupted power supply
-Three 300 ton of refrigeration and three 600 ton of refrigeration Trane chillers
-31 CRACs on 1F and 3F
-The lower air supply and upper air return refrigeration mode is used to maintain the IDC's temperature between 22´-26´

24x7 onsite security guards
IC cards are used to control all areas and card swiping records are retained for one year
All areas are CCTV-monitored and video recordings are retained for one month

Built to Tier 4 specifications
ISO/IEC 27001
Class 1 fire-resistant building design and magnitude 8 earthquake resistance

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1 Tianyun Rd.
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