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Central America Data Centers

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CountryData Centers
Puerto Rico3
Netherlands Antilles1
Costa Rica7
El Salvador2
Cayman Islands2
US Virgin Islands1
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Central America Data Center Market
Finding colocation, manaaged hosting, dedicated servers, IP transit, cloud servers etc. in Central America can be a challenging task, as a lot of the countries in the region are not very well developed and the number of available providers therefore is limited and the quality of some of the infrastructure is sometimes very poor. DCM can be a good tool for navigating this hard market though, by assisting with narrowing down potential facilities and suppliers via our interactive maps, search functions and other services to find suppliers matching your needs.

In addition to this, it is possible to use our quote service to request free price proposals from providers we cooperate with for in Central America.

Mexico is the most popular hosting market in the region, but apart from that the region also has a lot of smaller nations that are often used as offshore hosting heavens for the gaming industry etc.
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