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Cyxtera - Vancouver YVR1

555 W Hastings St, Harbour Centre
V6B 4N5 Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada
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Vancouver is a growing urban economy driven by knowledge-based sectors and international commerce.

Situated within a vibrant port city, Cyxtera's Vancouver data center campus secures and empowers vital data transport with a powerful suite of enterprise level colocation solutions. The facility features adaptable, raised floor storage as well as dedicated office, staging, shipping, meeting and break room space. The sixth-floor telecom hotel enables increased network connectivity. In addition to standard and incremental exterior, floor level and biometric security measures, the Vancouver data center features rigorous critical systems infrastructure supervision.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, the Cyxtera YVR1 data center campus is located in a 28-story office high-rise with mixed tenant use, just 13 km north of Vancouver International Airport.

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Data Center Operator at
Cyxtera - Vancouver YVR1
555 W Hastings St, Harbour Centre
Site Code: VAN5
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado