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Kingtel IDC

Kingtel Telecom
Phnom Penh Special Economic Zoon, Road N4 Mittapheap Kampuchea
12000 Phnom Penh
PP, Cambodia
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Kingtel Phnom Penh IDC was located in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone. It adopts Kingtel Backbone Network + Telcotech Co., Ltd backbone network line, which can allocate Kingtel's own IP address. And its own IP address is uniquely resourced and resourced this is an important data centre for Internet connectivity in Cambodia.
The usable area of the data centre room reaches more than 3000 square meters.
Kingtel Phnom Penh data centre overall earthquake resistance level 7, and floor weight up to 800 kg/square meters. Meanwhile, it is Equipped with professional constant temperature air conditioning and central precision air conditioning systems to ensure ventilation, constant temperature, humidity. The temperature control in machine room remains 22 + / -3 c. At the same time, the relative humidity remains 30%~70%, along with gas fire facilities provided.
Power: double power supply, double bus UPS, generator power supply.
Network: high redundancy, BGP multi-line, multi-operator (long term).
SLA: network and power connectivity up to 99.98%.
Standard: international T3~T4+, constant temperature and humidity, senior safety supervision, high-end brand equipment, gas fire protection, class 7 earthquake resistance, up to 0.8T/m squared, and 365*24 hours operation and maintenance.

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Kingtel Telecom
Data Center Operator at
Kingtel IDC
Phnom Penh Special Economic Zoon, Road N4 Mittapheap Kampuchea
Headquartered in Phnom Penh, PP