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MightyCare Solutions GmbH (formerly wusys): IT Creativity - Extraordinary, smart IT solutions

Experience MigbtyCare and find out all about our high quality IT products like colocation (Europe) and the outsourcing sector, as well as a wide range of consulting services.

Your personal Data Center in Germany

Europe's state-of-the-art data center in Frankfurt am Main metro area.
MightyCare data centers are situated in the center of the digital economy of Europe in Frankfurt am Main metro area. Our neighbour is the DE-CIX which offers you access to up to 150 global networks for IP connectivity. Ask for a detailed list of available carrier and IP transit provider.

Your gateway to markets in Europe and Asia.
wusys data centers provide you opportunities to attract customers from Europe and Asia who rely on fast Internet response times.

You and your subsidiaries will be compliant.
MightyCare offers data center colocation services that fully comply SOX, EuroSOX, MoReq2, ISO 9000.

Many value-added features.
Our affordable colocation services have all of the value-added features you can imagine, including 7x24h remote hands services.

Best tailored offerings.
With MightyCare you get to meet your needs best tailored offerings. -
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PS: We also provide business continuity office space in Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main (Germany) with direct connections to our data centers.

Take a look at our new Data Center in Offenbach am Main on the opposite side of the river from where you find the main campus of the largest central European Internet exchange DE-CIX:

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MihtyCare Solutions GmbH

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

Colocation Provider
Network Operator