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Based in Austin, TX, Vapor IO is a company focused on rearchitecting the internet from the edge inwards, aiming to enhance its structure for a new wave of applications. While their corporate headquarters reside in Austin, the company's workforce operates in a highly-distributed manner, reflecting the nature of their platform.

Vapor IO recognizes the inherent limitation of the internet's current architecture, which was developed from its core outwards. With a team of engineers and business professionals, they are committed to remodeling this structure starting from the edge for both societal benefits and to cater to their clientele's evolving needs.

Their primary expertise lies in deploying high-performance, software-driven, and autonomous networks and data centers at the internet's edge. Subsequently, they offer these foundational capabilities for lease to a diverse customer base, which includes communication services providers, cloud operators, content delivery networks, entertainment entities, and various other pioneering enterprises.

An integral component of Vapor IO's offerings is the Kinetic Grid platform coupled with the Kinetic Edge architectures. Designed to deliver consistent and uniform infrastructure across a myriad of edge locations, their services encompass edge-to-edge networking, colocation, interconnection, and intelligence. Distinctively, Vapor IO's edge systems aren't solitary; they are interconnected within every market and across different markets through superior fiber backbones.

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Vapor IO

Headquartered in Austin, Texas