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UnitedLayer, Inc.

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UnitedLayer is a global hybrid cloud solution provider offering colocation, private cloud hosting, managed cloud services, and multicloud management solutions. Its key industries include TMT, BFSI, Public Sector, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and Oil & Gas, with 300+ clients globally with its footprints spread across 100+ DC locations globally.

UnitedLayer offers private cloud solutions under the United Private Cloud brand, offering an enterprise-grade G3 IaaS Private Cloud Solution which delivers 99.999% high availability, software-defined agility, and scalability with high performance (all-flash storage ranging from 1K-100K+ IOPS on 10g/40g/100g network fabric infrastructure) and locked down security. UnitedLayer provides integrated infrastructure management, including data center infrastructure management (DCIM), enabling clients to observe, monitor, and manage their hardware and virtual assets of the data center remotely from UnityOneCloud. It is also a cloud management platform (CMP) based on IP with APIs into multiple cloud providers and technologies to enable the management and monitoring of complex hybrid multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass. It is offered both as a standalone product and with managed services.

UnitedLayer's portfolio ecosystem includes:

1. UnitedLayer colocation provides data center and colocation services with fully redundant infrastructure, superior outage protection, and a seamless software-defined 40G to 100G network.

2. United Private Cloud provides a software-defined private cloud with On-Demand( VM, vRAM, vCPU ) powered by VMware, Hyper-v, Openstack, and bare metal. Cloud offerings can be installed in any Data Center to provide high-performance, optimized, highly secured, and highly available private cloud infrastructure.

3. UnityOneCloud: SaaS platform for multi-cloud management of data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. It has plug-ins into AWS, Azure, OCI, GCP (including being used with Google to extend Anthos), and private cloud (VMware, OpenStack, KVM, and Hyper-V).

UnitedLayer Managed Services capabilities include:

1. Consulting: Developing and creating blueprints, architecture frameworks, and management processes. Modernization of data center moving to a software-defined cloud (using virtualization, automation, and orchestration technologies).

2. Cloud Assessment and Migration: Includes data center and cloud infrastructure/application discovery and migrating data and applications across data centers and clouds.

3. Infrastructure and Database Management: Including OS and Hypervisor patching/management and managing AWS, Azure, OCI, and GCP. In addition, database patching and management, including MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SAP, and Mongo.

4. Container and Mesh Service Management: Providing container setup and management (k8s, Openshift, GKE, EKS, AKS) and mesh service setup and management (Istio, Anthos, AppMesh).

5. Managed Security: Provision of security solutions to protect infra and data. In addition, services include firewalls, DDOS protection, VPN, SSL/TLS, VLAN segmentation, access validation, encryption, restricted IP, and ports.

6. Managed compliance: Providing risk analysis and compliance management with audit-ready reporting.

7. Managed Backup: Access and offer backup and replication solutions using a defined best practice schedule that can be best customized to meet business objectives with enterprise-grade helpdesk support to monitor backup jobs and health.

8. Disaster recovery services: Offers highly customizable, client-specific Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), follows a standard policy to auto invoke or customer approval for DR, practices rigorous DR drills defined by customers or as per UL SLA's.

9. SDDC design & implementation: Design, implementation, performance, and security testing of SD data centers and private clouds.

10. DevOps automation: Supports API-based integrations with tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Nagios, Jenkins, Splunk, and Puppet for application and infrastructure automation and providing CI/CD pipeline implementation.

UnitedLayer's broader service portfolio includes:

UnitedLayer Colocation: Global colocation services, extreme connectivity, unified management, and on-demand scalability. Includes multicloud connectivity and direct connection to G3 private cloud. And AWS, Azure, OCI, and GCP on an on-demand and cost-effective basis. Its managed services include cloud assessment for data center exit and migration, including app portfolio assessment and migration to AWS, Azure, and GCP. Container management includes setup, installation, and patching of Kubernetes (K8s) pods and containers. Also, multicloud and data center monitoring, management, discovery, reporting, and support services. It is also seeing traction for mainframe modernization, including lifting and shifting from the client data center to UnitedLayer data center or colocation data center with managed services and Mainframe SaaS capabilities.

UnitedConnect: Hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, edge connectivity, and data center interconnectivity (connecting 350 data centers globally). It provides point-to-point connections for data centers or data centers to cloud connectors. It also enables a single pane of glass for all monitoring and billing and all underlying connectors to see how a network performs.

United Private Cloud (G3): Software-defined private cloud with 100+ data centers, 99.999% availability, and claims to be 30-50% more cost-effective than major public cloud offerings.

Public Cloud Management: Migration, management, and governance services available for AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.

UnitedEdge: Includes multi-factor UnitedEdge Appliance that can be re-configured into VMware, Hyper-V, bare metal, OpenStack, and Kubernetes Containers. It sits alongside any edge appliance a client may have, including AWS Wavelength, Azure IoT Edge, and Google Edge. The UnityOneCloud platform manages the UnitedEdge appliance and any public cloud edge appliances a client may have. It also manages the next layer (i.e., on-premise data center, private and public cloud, and co-location). It manages all the consumed services, including back-up, DR, compliance management, monitoring, etc., enabling truly distributed cloud management.

UnityOneCloud: A multi-tenant SaaS-based Multicloud management platform that enables customers to effectively manage both their data center infrastructure (Data Center Infrastructure Management - DCIM) and hybrid, multicloud assets (Cloud Management Platform - CMP) via a unified common platform.
UnitedLayer also provides an enterprise hybrid cloud solution with integrated colocation, private cloud, connectivity into all major public clouds, and managed services. This is provided where it re-sells colocation services; it sells on-demand private cloud. This comes with software-defined networking and security, firewalls, and load balancers. It can be virtually turned on in minutes and go into VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, KVM, and Bare Metal cloud. It has on-demand scalability and connectivity to the public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI), with managed infrastructure services.

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UnitedLayer, Inc.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California

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