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Telvent is a global IT solutions and information services provider that improves the efficiency, safety and security of the world’s leading companies.

We serve industries that are both central to everyday life and critical to the sustainability of our planet, including the energy, transportation, agriculture and environment sectors. Through the delivery and integration of real-time business intelligence, our solutions enable our clients to make better decisions as they manage vast infrastructure and complex daily operations.

Telvent is a dominant information systems provider in several key industries; here are just a few examples of our impact on business and daily life around the world:

Every energy company in the Fortune 100 relies on our systems and information to manage their business, even in the most complex and volatile market conditions. Telvent systems now manage more than 60 percent of the total hydrocarbon movements in North American and Latin American pipelines.
Around the world, our intelligent transportation systems control traffic at 9,000 intersections used by 195 million drivers per day; we manage the journey of over 2.5 billion passengers per year on train and metro networks; and we ensure the safe and efficient departure and arrival of more than 700 million airline passengers annually.
Our systems control the transmission and distribution of over 140,000 GWh through electrical grids serving millions of people in large and small markets all over the world.
The government of Spain uses our systems to control the entrance of more than 50 million people a year through the Spanish frontiers.
We manage water distribution to millions of people in Europe, Northern Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East.
In agriculture, we provide customized, business-critical marketing, production and management information to 700,000 customers across the North American grains and livestock complex, making a direct contribution to significantly greater efficiency in food production and distribution.
In Europe and South America, we manage IT infrastructure for more than 350 companies through our state-of-the art data centers network.
Telvent currently has over 6,000 highly qualified professionals working in 17 corporate offices worldwide, all dedicated to advanced solutions that improve security, efficiency and sustainability for people throughout the world.

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Headquartered in Alcobendas, Spain