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Plans, directs, and participates in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of Data Center's including related mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems and equipment assures that the components are utilized properly and to best advantage according to architectural, engineering, or related knowledges and principles.

Inspects existing facilities and the related mechanical and electrical systems and equipment prepares recommendations for repairs or improvements.

Consults with construction groups prepares special requirements necessary for the proper functioning of the facilities.

Prepares, reviews or approves master plans, construction drawings, construction specifications and cost estimates prepared by architectural technicians or design technicians for construction of new Data Center's and repairs and/or modifications of existing Data Center's.

Consults with and oversees the work of contractors prior to, during, and after construction or remodeling provides assistance and assures that the Data Center's is being constructed properly.

Inspects or directs the inspection of sites before, during, and upon completion of construction reviews change orders insures that the work performed and the material used meet standards.

Reviews and approves contractor or consultant applications for payment and disburses construction funds to projects meets obligations and allows contractors sufficient operating capital to continue construction.

Prepares or oversees the preparation of all records and reports maintains an up-to-date account of completed an in-progress construction projects.

Reviews final drawings and specifications, and/or preliminary proposals of various building types to ensure compliance with the National Fire Protection Associations various codes and standards, including the Life Safety Code. This includes such areas as: means of egress and fire escape energy efficiency, handicapped accessibility fire alarm systems mechanical systems lighting building entrances occupancy criteria seating arrangements fire suppression systems and other code required features.

Monitors manufactured housing units, to be delivered and installed in the Data Center, to ensure they are in compliance with applicable code requirements.

Responds to homeowner complaints concerning improper installation.

Communicates with local building officials and the public to answer questions and provide guidance in complying with state handicapped accessibility requirements and to clarify and interpret State Building Code and Model Building Code issues as they relate to specific projects throughout the state.

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Headquartered in São Paulo, SP