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Swiss Datalink AG

Who are we?
SWISS DATALINK AG is a comprehensive consulting and engineering company. We operate a computer center in Aargau and offer our customers not only professional services but also comprehensive personal support.
We are RIPE-NCC member
SWISS DATALINK AG is an official member (LIR, Local Internet Registrar) of the European RIPE NCC. The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC) is responsible for the allocation of IP address ranges and AS numbers in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. With direct membership, a separate autonomous system (AS) with provider-independent IP networks (IPv4 and IPv6) will be operated in the future. The independence of data centers and providers is thereby preserved.
What do we do?
Our core area are data center services such as server housing, hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, backup services and VoIP installations. Our technicians install and maintain your networks and help you move to all-IP telephony. For details, see Services and Products.
How do we help?
In addition to a needs and feasibility analysis, we always offer professional and personal service. The customer should always feel at home with us and in good hands.

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Swiss Datalink AG

Headquartered in Endingen, ZH