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SUPERNAP (Thailand)

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is the most advanced, multi-tenant, carrier-neutral, Tier IV data center in Thailand and Asia.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) focuses on delivering the highest security and quality of data center services including colocation, cloud and hybrid solutions to protect its customers' assets, while lowering risk and operational costs.

Purposely built from the ground up to deliver high density, cooling, security, redundancy and energy efficiency to our clients, SUPERNAP (Thailand) has been operating and providing 100% uptime since its opening in 2017.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) provides capacity that no other data center in Southeast Asia matches: up to 33kW per cabinet, as well as low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) level, making it the most sustainable data center.

Furthermore, in 2022, SUPERNAP (Thailand) is the only Tier IV colocation and cloud data center in Thailand to implement a solar panel farm, bringing renewable energy to the digital infrastructure of the country.

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is also modulable and scalable, ready to extend to provide more than 60MW of power and space for more than 5,000 cabinets in the future to support our colocation and cloud client's growth.

Certified with the highest global standards and recognized by the industry with several awards thanks to its advanced technology and security, SUPERNAP (Thailand) offers unparalleled added value, compliance, and peace-of-mind.

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SUPERNAP (Thailand)

Headquartered in Chonburi, Thailand