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Steel ORCA

Offerings from a single rack to 20,000+ sf suites.
All major fiber providers available.
Density ranging from 3 KW/rack to 25 KW/ rack
Multiple Power voltages available - 120/208VAC, 240/415VAC, 277/480VAC and 380VDC.
Traditional cooling, In-Row cooling and direct water cooled processing are all supported
Onsite Data Center Research Facility

Steel ORCA Princeton is a strategically located data center in New Jersey. Less than a millisecond from New York City and Philadelphia. The existing facility offers over 200,000 square feet of white space and future development will add an additional 150,000 square feet of white space. Private digital suites are available immediately from 1000 SF to 30,000 SF. Choice of AC or DC power in all suites. Designed to 300 watts per square foot, ultra high density configurations can also be supported. Multiple carriers are on site. We currently offer wholesale, co-lo, and a full suite of managed services. In addition we offer Business Continuity options in a beautiful, completely furnished, easily accessible, corporate environment. Up to 300 seats are immediately available with several meeting and conference rooms included. Our Phase II development will include a large Cloud environment and a groundbreaking Digital Burst Environment with our first full Digital Utility options. Phase I also includes a 10,200 square foot research lab. This lab is focused on thermal and fluid dynamics in the data center with special attention to developing more energy efficient systems. Many industry leading manufacturers are involved in the design and management of this facility known as the Villanova Steel ORCA Research Center.VSORC (pronounced vee-source). VSORC will be independently managed by the Villanova School of Engineering in cooperation with the National Science Foundation (NSF), Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC), for Energy Efficient Systems (ES2).

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Steel ORCA

Headquartered in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey