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Spark Digital

Spark Digital operates a nationwide network of 15 data centres that provide the reliability and cost benefits your business needs to work at its best. We have the greatest reach in New Zealand, meaning your IT equipment can be as close or distant from you as you need. And we offer a range a data centre tiers, so you can select the best cost benefit options for your business.

Our expert teams bring full, 24/7 accountability for the management of your data centre facilities and your network, giving you the greatest possible uptime.

With Spark Digital, you can also future-proof yourself. Seamlessly connecting to our application, infrastructure, security and communications cloud services provides your business with the major improvements in efficiency, reliability and agility

Collectively in cloud infrastructure we bring to the table:

The most advanced fleet of 5 tier III data centres in New Zealand
100% ownership of Revera, NZ's leading infrastructure as a service provider
A 100% availability record for tier III data centre services over six years of operation
50% ownership of the Southern Cross submarine cable providing fully protected circuit connectivity across to Australia and up to West Coast of the United States
EU Data Protection white list status

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Spark Digital

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand