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Racktivity offers an unrivalled set of products and features to distribute, measure, monitor and control the power of your infrastructure.
The combination of our appliances and our Data Center Performance Management software gives you a detailed scope and full control of your infrastructure.

The Racktivity solutions consist of in-house developed hardware, firmware and software and integrates perfectly with third party components, delivering you an end-to-end visibility, control and automation across your entire infrastructure.

Thanks to our advanced technology and our operational flexibility we always strive to meet your critical requirements, without you having to compromise.


Racktivity EnergySwitch Smart PDUs equips your data center with the industry's most advanced metering and switching capability.
All Racktivity EnergySwitch smart PDUs are built upon Racktivity's real-time operating system, EnergyOST to provide the highest degree of granular real-time PowerQuality type metrics. EnergyOST implements the hardware-related portions of Racktivity's EnergyDNAT technology to provide real-time remote PDU-level and outlet-level true RMS monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (VA, W), power factor (%) and energy consumption (kWh) with +/- 1% accuracy.


To give a total overview of your power consumption, Racktivity has complemented its product line with a family of power meter and monitoring devices.

Our DC²Meter and AC²Meter can be installed at the (AC and/or DC) power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations, and head ends.

Our latest products in the family are the AC power monitoring link series (ACL). The ACL series are typically used to monitor and meter AC power busbar systems or electrical cabinets.

All units feature a DIN rail mountable design, Ethernet connectivity and supports multiple inputs for current measurements. They also support our E²Sensor range to offer a granular set of environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and motion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and dry contacts for rack door intrusion detection.

The meters are fully compatible with our DCPM, a Service Provider Infrastructure & Data Center Performance Management System, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage power and critical environment metrics in your data centers and/or smaller distributed infrastructures.

The meters provide you with the missing element for a complete power monitoring solution, and solves your issues with large or distributed estates of AC and/or DC powered equipment.


Racktivity developed the E²Sensor Family to give you visibility of the environmental situation of your data centers and remote infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, movement, smoke detection or other parameters we have the E²Sensor available to fit your needs. The E²Sensor is designed to work with any Racktivity product featuring an R-BUS connector which includes the EnergySwitch smart PDUs, AC²Meter and DC²Meter.

The E²Sensor is a compact environmental sensor of 5cm (2 inches) that comes equipped with an OLED display.
Deployment is simple via the standard RJ45 daisy chain connections and features multiple rack mount options. A simple push button allows instant control of all available metrics such as temperature, humidity, leak detection, motion detection, rack door close sensor, smoke indication.


Monitor and maximize your power & environmental efficiency by implementing Racktivity's power management system, DCPM.

DCPM, Performance & Power Management System, is the ultimate software to monitor, visualize, control and automate power and environmental parameters with the goal to increase the reliability and uptime of your data center and telecom infrastructure while at the same time reducing your opex and carbon footprint.

Our in-house developed software solution offers you a complete and comprehensive framework including an extensive data model to analyse and control power and operational behaviors in real time.
The tight integration between the DCPM and the other Racktivity products allows you to take full advantage of a vast range of power management capabilities.

DCPM includes a highly interactive web-based user interface offering a single pane of glass across an entire estate. The platform offers you a global view allowing you to drill down to the individual power outlet or sensor and everything in between. DCPM manages entire telecommunication infrastructures, data centers, campuses, builds, pods, rows, racks or any other type of physical infrastructure design.

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Headquartered in Lochristi, Belgium