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P&T Luxembourg

P&TLuxembourg is the leading postal and telecommunications services operator in the Grand Duchy. P&T also offers a wide range of postal financial services, in particular its CCP Connect e-banking solution.

With over 100 post offices and postshops, 4 sales outlets (Luxembourg-Gare, Luxembourg-Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg-Centre and Ettelbrück), call centres for residential customers (freephone: 8002 8004) and professionals (freephone: 8002 4000) and numerous commercial partners, P&T is in close proximity to its customers.

P&TLuxembourg is the leading Internet access provider in Luxembourg. Its subsidiary, LUXGSM, is the leader in mobile telephony.

Together with its subsidiaries, P&T offers a vast range of high-quality innovative solutions.

P&TLuxembourg is operating an transeuropean fibre-optic network, called Teralink. TERALINK is spanning over 4500 km and comprising 16 points of presence in six European countries. TERALINK features several peering points on DE-CIX (Frankfurt), BN-IX (Brussels), AMS-IX (Amsterdam), LINX (London) and PaNap (Paris), and connections on Tier-1 carriers totalling an active capacity greater than 40 Gbit/s.

The IP-Transit bandwidths offered range from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s.

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P&T Luxembourg

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Luxembourg