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NAV Datacenter Telecom

NAV Telecom is a Tier 3 Ready Colocation Data Center, in Bucharest. It features multiple 10GB upstream connections with the largest providers in Romania and Europe and we guarantee an unparalleled uptime due to our state of the art traffic scrubbing DDoS protection system.

Rack Cabinets:
We are using high quality 19" Dell racks (1200mm deep) in accordance with EIA-310-D standards to provide quality and compatibility.

Generator and UPS:
In the event of a power outage, the 120 kVA diesel generator kicks in automatically and continues to power up the 110kVA APC UPS. Tha data center can run virtually for an unlimited period of time due to the diesel generator's online refueling feature.

Maintaining an optimum temperature (21 ° -23 ° C) is essential for the proper functioning of the servers, therefore we use the most advanced industrial air conditioners Daikin EWAD-CZ in an N+1 redundancy configuration.
The cooling devices EWAD-CZ Daikin units have the highest cooling capacity available in this market segment.

NAV Telecom Data Center meets all safety standards and is equipped with systems such as: Biometric + PIN access control, building facilty video surveillance, fire detection and extinguishing system, anti-theft system, temperature and air humidity sensors.
Within the Data Center we have human security and monitoring 24/24.

Our DDoS attack protection system is called navAMS and is based on a traffic analysis solution and advanced hardware equipped with 10GE ??network interfaces mitigating the malitions data traffic flowing to your servers. The system can mitigate attacks by scrubbing as much as 20Gbps/15Gbps for all clients, but the capacity can be increased on demand.
Total mitigation time: 3 sec (Detection time: 2 sec and Attack Block: 1 sec).

Our data center is interconnected with the largest local and international ISPs with a total capacity of over 40 Gbps. Therefore in our data center you will benefit from a stable internet connectivity for your equipment and 99.99% uptime, guaranteed through SLA.

Cisco Network:
Our network is built exclusively on latest Cisco equipment.
For the Exchange and Core layer we use the 6500E Series with 2T XL Supervisor which ensures uninterrupted transit of any kind of traffic and meets all the needs of the lastest-generation networks.
Distribution and aggregation layer was built using 4500 series equipment (4900m, 4948-10GE??). These devices have proven stability and top performance compared with other platforms with the same destination within a network.
The network is a redundant of "2N", which means that for every key equipment in the network there is one identical prepared to take all traffic in the event of an unwanted event without having an impact on the services.
All these factors lead to a 99.99% network uptime.

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NAV Datacenter Telecom

Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania